Exosomics Journal Editor-in-Chief at ISEV 2012

April 18, 2012

ISEV 2012

InTech is pleased to announce that our editor-in-chief of the Exosomics journal, Dr. Antonio Chiesi, will be attending the first scientific meeting of the International Society for Extracellular Vescicles, ISEV 2012, April 18-21, Gothenburg, Sweden.

ISEV's meeting is hosted by the University of Gothenburg. Dr. Chiesi, while attending the meeting, will also co-coordinate discussions on the subject of "Isolation and characterisation of microvescicles". Furthermore, during all 3 days of the meeting, the following scientific posters co-authored by Dr. Chiesi will be presented:

  • Exosomes immunocapturing assay (EXOTEST TM) enables accurate quantitative analysis of unfractioned plasma samples. Oja T, Kubo AL,Talpsepp K, Zarovni N, Chiesi A
  • Lyophilized exosomes as calibration standards for exosome proteomic studies. Zarovni N, Könt V, Kubo AL, Talpsepp K, Oja T, Chiesi A.
  • Rab5 as exosomal marker: Localisation and applications. Zarovni N, Könt V, Kubo AL, Oja T, Talpsepp K, Chiesi A, Tallinn, Ghiran IC, Ericsson M, Luscinskas FW, Bonebreak CM, Heravi FM, Kuo WP.
  • Diagnostic potential of ELISA based detection of exosome associated melanoma markers. Kubo AL, Talpsepp K, Oja T, Zarovni N, Chiesi A.
  • TM9SF4 level of expression on exosomes as new marker of malignancy in human cancer. Lozupone F, Kont V, Logozzi A Talpsepp K, Oja T, Kubo AL, Zarovni N, Chiesi A, and Fais S.
  • Comparison of exosome isolation methods for miRNA profiling. K. Vaidla, A-L. Kubo, N. Zarovni, A. Chiesi, A. Salumets, M. Peters.

For a full listing of ISEV's scientific program, please click here.

At the beginning of April InTech launched its new, open access journal Exosomics. Under the editorship of Dr. Winston Patrick Kuo, Harvard Medical School - Boston and Dr. Antonio Chiesi, Exosomics Siena SpA - Siena, this advanced, peer-reviewed scientific journal aims to bring together the principles, scientific research results and clinical applications in the field of exosome research. Exosomics is a branch of biotechnology and biomedicine that crosses multiple disciplines including the application of molecular and cell biology, biochemistry, genetics, physiology, immunology and biophysics to analytics to help elucidate the structure, biogenesis, function and trafficking of exosomes. Exosomics is an exciting and rapidly expanding field of clinical and translational science, with a pressing demand for further insights in the roles of exosomes and their functions in physiologic and pathologic conditions.

Exosomics journal, is free to read, share and download; also, the first 20 accepted papers will be freed of charge, no Article Processing Charge will be requested. To submit your paper, please follow the link below:

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