EuroNanoForum Conference 2015 Report

June 24, 2015

EuroNanoForum Conference 2015 Report

InTech's representatives participated in the EuroNanoForum 2015, Europe’s largest networking conference on nanotechnologies and advanced materials science, innovations and business, which took place in Riga from 9th to 12th June 2015, gathering around 1200 delegates from more then 50 countries.

InTech's stand #51 at the ENF 2015 Exhibition

The seventh EuroNanoForum, held during the Latvian Presidency of the European Council, was focused on showcasing the strength of integrating nanotechnologies and advanced materials with other key enabling technologies within the EU's initiative Horizon 2020. The conference offered numerous opportunities to get latest updates from the nanotechnologies and advanced materials community, see cutting-edge technologies and meet the representatives of innovative companies, research groups, academic institutions and key stakeholders of numerous European technology clusters and platforms. ENF 2015 widely covered the areas of nanotechnologies and advanced materials in its' sessions and plenary talks which included speakers and participants form both, academia and industry on a variety of topics:

  • Industrial nanotechnology and advanced materials supporting European re-industrialisation
  • Trends and innovation demands on nanotechnology and advanced materials
  • Infrastructures and framework conditions for rapid deployment of nanotechnologies and advanced materials Winning the competition: success stories and lessons learned
  • Nanotechnology in industrial applications
  • Advances in enabling nanotechnologies, nanomaterials and nanomanufacturing
  • Collaborations and policies for accelerating innovation and uptake of nanotechnology based solutions

Plenary speaker, Dr. Jin-Woo Han from the NASA Ames Research Center visiting our stand

Reviewing the status of European technology development in nanotechnologies and advanced materials industries as well as discussing the latest progress in the area and its contribution to innovation in manufacturing across all industrial sectors, the conference was aimed at strengthening European competitiveness and supporting the renewal of its manufacturing industries. Organized in collaboration with the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research and Innovation with the support of EU funds, this year's ENF also featured topics on framework conditions like education, regulations, IPR and safety issues and offered talks on financing and funding within European and national programs, with a special emphasis on Horizon 2020. Being a part of the Exhibition, InTech team was proud to showcase its portfolio of nano-related publications, all published under Open Access, which is one of the EU's principle for publishing research from all projects receiving Horizon 2020 funding. The global shift towards giving free online access to the results of publicly-funded research has been a core strategy in the European Commission to improve knowledge circulation and thus innovation – we wholeheartedly support that initiative.

Dr. Markus Dettenhofer, EiC of our Nanobiomedicine journal with Natalia Reinic, Head of Journal Publishing

Through FutureFlash! Best Project competition, ENF 2015 highlighted the 10 best among 1 000 EU funded projects in the field of nanotechnologies and advanced materials and it was our pleasure to meet the team behind the winning Namdiatream project. NAMDIATREAM technology is based on cutting edge nanotechnology-based tools for multi-modal detection of biomarkers, permitting identification of cells indicative of early disease onset in a high-specificity and throughput format in clinical, laboratory and point-of-care devices. The project, completed in June 2014, has successfully developed innovative diagnostic devices for the early diagnosis of 3 common cancer types (lung, breast and prostate) representing more than 4,5 million worldwide cancer cases in the year 2012. We congratulate them on these outstanding results! We were proud to be presented with many other outstanding projects, initiatives and posters and we congratulate all the other award winners as well. With this year's edition, the EuroNanoForum conference has proven to have grown since 2003 into a major hub and highly significant European forum for discussions among scientists, industrialists and policy makers in the filed, offering vast opportunities for networking with key decision makers and exploring potential partnership and funding options. For this reason, we look forward to seeing you again at EuroNanoForum 2016!