Danica Kragic Interview with the International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems

September 10, 2015

As recently announced, we had the pleasure of welcoming Prof. Danica Kragic (Royal Institute of Technology - KTH, Sweden) at our office. While here, Prof. Kragic, sat with us for a video interview during which we asked her about her career, her work in the field of robotics as well as current and future projects she is involved with. The viewer might find interesting her opinion on robotics projects financed by Horizon2020 and their role in future robotics research, the collaborative projects she is currently involved with and why she chooses to publish her team’s research efforts in Open Access.

Prof. Kragic underlines the importance of good organisation when it comes to promoting interdisciplinary among scientific fields and incentives to attract future students in taking up robotics. Furthermore, she reflects on possible reasons for having different robotics research focuses in the US, Europe and Asian countries. For those who wonder about the negative perception of robotics applications in the media, Prof. Kragic shares her views from a professional point of view.

Finally, will robots be as intelligent as humans? To find out the answers Prof. Kragic gave us, watch our latest video:

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