Anke Beck interviewed on Beyond the Book podcast

15 July 2019

“We focus on books where we believe there’s a greater space for ideas to flourish, and for collections of ideas to come together,” Anke Beck, Beyond the Book podcast.

Twice each week, Beyond the Book brings breaking news and thoughtful analysis from across the content industry. On 7 July, IntechOpen’s CEO Dr Anke Beck was interviewed about books, open access and her vision for the company.

Beyond the Book is produced by Copyright Clearance Center, a global leader in content management, discovery and document delivery solutions that accelerate knowledge, power publishing and advance copyright.

The podcast features leading authors, editors and publishers with a focus on digital change and innovation. Dr Beck was asked to appear to discuss IntechOpen’s model, the company’s history and where it is going in the future.

She spoke of her passion for publishing, and in particular her belief in books: “Book publishing, I think, serves much, much better the scientific discussion than scattered articles in a journal” she says.

Listen to the full interview here: Building a Science Community One OA Book At A Time.