5th Anniversary of the First Book Published

December 19, 2010

In 2010 we celebrated the fifth anniversary of the first book published by IntechOpen. To mark the occasion, an important milestone in our brief but successful publishing history, we released Cutting Edge Robotics 2010, a new and updated version of our first published book, Cutting Edge Robotics.

Published in 2005, Cutting Edge Robotics was the result of the inspiration and contributions of many researchers worldwide. The Editors' scientific collaborations with scholars in the field gave birth to a publication that represented the beginning of our book publishing activities.

Cutting Edge Robotics presented a diverse collection of research results from that time, covering disciplines from mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering to computer, cognitive and social sciences.

Five years later, and with a catalog of more than 360 published books, IntechOpen is a leading Open Access publisher covering research advances in robotics, which is still a young and rapidly-developing field. Written to present the most recent advances, the book Cutting Edge Robotics 2010 offers significant insights and new ideas to academia, industry, research and practice.

Cutting Edge Robotics and Cutting Edge Robotics 2010 are resources helping robotics specialists keep track of developments during this five-year period, providing an overview of past, current and future challenges in robotics research and development.

The books can be read and downloaded online for free from our reading platform IntechOpen. We hope you will enjoy reading them!

Cutting Edge Robotics

Edited by: Vedran Kordic, Aleksandar Lazinica and Munir Merdan

ISBN 3-86611-038-3, Hard cover, 784 pages

Publication date: July 2005

Cutting Edge Robotics 2010

Edited by: Vedran Kordic

ISBN 978-953-307-062-9, Hard cover, 440 pages

Publication date: October 2010