FP7 post-grant Compliance

*The FP7 post-grant OA pilot has now been extended until February 28, 2018.

The European Commission has confirmed InTechOpen's compliance with FP7 post-grant OA pilot criteria for funding as our publishing processes already align with the standards and requirements established by the European Commission for:

  • Completed FP7 projects including
    • European Research Council projects
    • Marie Curie projects

What this means for our authors?

InTechOpen's authors, participating in the above funded projects, have up to two years post the completion of their research to apply for reimbursement of Article Processing Charges associated with the publication of book chapters, conference proceedings or monographs. All authors are encouraged to consult the pilot's official application guidelines to confirm that their supported InTechOpen publication is eligible for having its APC reimbursed.

To further help you assess the possible eligibility of your project for Open Access publication funding we have included the following graph:


If your FP7 project falls into the above designated scope of time, we invite you to check your project's eligibility. Once there, you will be able to see if indeed your project is eligible for reimbursement of APC. Please note that publications stemming from currently ongoing FP7 post-grant funded projects are not eligible for APC reimbursement under this pilot. Only completed projects can qualify.

Authors requiring additional information are welcome to contact permissions@intechopen.com.

Please Note: For information regarding Horizon 2020 Open Access guidelines please consult the following link.