Dissemination and Promotion

With the goal to increase the visibility, accessibility and readership of our published content, we engage both online and traditional distribution channels. Dissemination is further driven by marketing activities delivered internationally as well as initiatives targeting specific regions around the world.


InTechOpen’s online reading platform allows for published book chapters to be read and downloaded with no restrictions. All published works are in Open Access and licensed under a Creative Commons license.

InTechOpen registers an average of 570,000 international users every month, a total of 113 million downloads up-to-date and more than 57,400 citations in Web of Science.

+57,400 +113 million +570,000



To give authors a better view of the reach of their publication, InTechOpen provides an overview of cumulative downloads as well as a geographical breakdown of downloads. This information can be found on each chapter page and is available to anyone visiting our platform.

Authors can also track Chapters Metrics in their personalized Author Profile once they sign into their Author Panel. In addition to that, book authors receive email notifications when download milestones are reached.

Once an author publishes his or her research, it is key to track data that can indicate the impact of their work within their research field and beyond. Such impact among peers and international scientific communities can lead to career-wise benefits including professional and academic advancement, as well as further funding and promotion.



InTechOpen authors and editors have the option to create their own profile on InTechOpen, deciding whether to set the profile to public or keep it hidden. These contributor profiles provide readers with an overview of authors' and editors' publications with InTechOpen, as well as other relevant information such as their field of research, professional experience and education.

The benefits of this option include increasing the discoverability as well as the visibility of authors' and editors' publications. The profiles also serve to ease the way readers search for editor, author or subject related publications hence increasing the number of potential reads and downloads.

The contributor profiles set to public are browsable on our website.



InTechOpen publications are available in the most relevant scientific databases.

Our books are submitted to be indexed in the Book Citation Index in the Web of Science™ Core Collection (BKCI) on a regular basis. The books currently indexed in BKCI can be browsed on our website.

Books are set to be deposited in the Croatian Web Archive maintained by the National and University Library in Zagreb.



Citations are incredibly important for researchers. They help track significant developments in any given field, allow researchers to properly credit scientific contributions, and most importantly, are an indication of the impact of a given research manuscript. In order to maximize the exposure of our published content in July 2017, InTechOpen joined the list of publishers supporting the Initiative for Open Citations I4OC and started depositing its reference data via Crossref. With participation in Cited-by readers will be able to navigate from an InTechOpen chapter to a paper citing that chapter and see not only exactly what is being cited, but also how frequently, linking relevant data to relevant data. Authors and editors will able be able to track their citation statistics in real time with email alerts each time their content is cited.


To increase the outreach of editors' and authors’ work, printed copies are distributed by regional representatives active in diverse parts of the world.

Print publications are of interest to stakeholders such as universities, libraries, institutions, academic personnel and individuals professionally or personally involved in science.


Our calendar of marketing and promotion activities includes international book fairs attended by large audiences with an interest in scientific content. Both our Book Department representatives and regional representatives participate in such events. These events serve not only to promote our publications and catalogs, but also provide a great opportunity to meet with collaborators around the world, network with attendees, discuss and eventually launch new publishing projects.

This type of activity has proven to increase the visibility of our contributors' published work - boosting the number of requests for books to be included in international university libraries.

In addition to attending book fairs, we participate in different international scientific conferences and meetings.

Being present at relevant scientific industry events, gatherings and conferences allows us to identify new opportunities, trends, meet with possible collaborators and promote our publications in person.

Take a look at our Events page to see where we've been and where we're going.


To support our contributors’ participation in conferences, we offer the option to produce marketing materials related to the InTechOpen publication they collaborated on and would like to promote.



At book fairs and scientific conferences we distribute marketing collaterals such as flyers, fact sheets and stationery showcasing details regarding the publisher and its offerings.

To maximize the exposure of our publications to relevant stakeholders, we print book catalogs listing all of our published books.

In addition to catalogs, we publish special supplementary material distributed both online and in print. These highly informative additions provide readers with additional resources (freely accessible) and content featuring engaging news, research, interviews and work/collaboration opportunities.



InTechOpen actively works on a series of special projects which complement our publications.

Among the currently open projects we highlight our Rising Star Initiative, Women in Robotics, and the Regional Research Spotlight Series.

The Rising Star initiative aims at supporting and promoting the work of young researchers in robotics. The project encourages and helps students publish their research papers.

The Women in Robotics project was developed not only to acknowledge our female collaborators but also to highlight and promote the work that has been done by women in the field of robotics.

The Regional Research Spotlight Series Series overviews our activities and our publishing engagement in selected countries. The goal of these reports is to highlight book publications, established collaborations and activities undertaken to promote local research on a global level, and above all, engage the regional scientific communities.

Projects open for participation as well as an overview of past projects are available for browsing on our website.


InTechOpen has made multiple book donations of its STM titles over the years. Whenever possible, a number of print copies of our Open Access books are donated for the purpose of supporting library refurbishment, enriching a library's collection, and aiding in the further dissemination of InTechOpen published research. We will soon be announcing new projects pertaining to corporate responsibility aimed at partnering with institutions, organizations and companies to help us spread knowledge and valuable research for free. Read more about previous donations here.


Newsletter-subscribed users receive informative updates on new releases, ongoing book projects, initiatives, invitations to collaborate on upcoming publications, as well as on conferences and meetings attended by our team and collaborators.

Our website’s visitors can subscribe to newsletters by visiting our books’ homepage or simply visiting this link.


Another channel of communication we employ to reach a wide array of audiences is social media. You can connect and interact with us by following us on Twitter or Facebook.


How can editors and authors increase the impact of their publication?

Most importantly, we encourage collaborators to follow the best practices in terms of optimizing articles for search engines and user online searches. By optimizing papers you can improve a book chapter's visibility making it rank higher and more frequently in search results – this may lead to more citations and online downloads.

Our Best SEO Practices for Authors includes a set of very simple steps to follow in order to optimize research papers and make these more discoverable to fellow researchers, peers, and readers in general.

Download our Best SEO Practices for Authors here.

Promote your published work

After the publication process is complete, our work does not stop. We take all the necessary steps to promote your work in relevant web locations. Authors can also take a few simple steps to promote their work by employing a number of free tools available online and aimed at sharing resources with the wider greater community (in science or beyond).

These simple but very effective steps include:

  • Linking your chapter to your personal website or blog
  • Linking your chapter to the repository system of your university
  • Sending a link to your chapter to your colleagues and fellow scientists
  • Sending short notices about your work using Twitter or Facebook, making it visible in your LinkedIn group or other social networks
  • There are many free social networking sites aimed at scientists and researchers which may prove useful when sharing the link to your published research:

To simplify the way you share your work with your peers, we included a series of sharing icons on the top of the page of each book chapter published on InTechOpen.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • BibSonomy
  • Citeulike
  • Reddit
  • LinkedIn
  • StumbleUpon
  • Email

For a full overview of all promotional activities and your author benefits, be sure to take a look at our Author in the Center page to see what else we do for you!