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1. Adaptative Rate Issues in the WLAN Environment

By Jerome Galtier

Part of book: Advances in Vehicular Networking Technologies

2. Dual-Hop Amplify-and-Forward Relay Systems with EGC over M2M Fading Channels Under LOS Conditions: Channel Statistics and System Performance Analysis

By Talha Batool and Pätzold Matthias

Part of book: Vehicular Technologies

3. Advanced Robotic Radiative Process Control for Automotive Coatings

By Fan Zeng and Beshah Ayalew

Part of book: New Trends and Developments in Automotive System Engineering

4. Minimization of the Copper Losses in Electrical Vehicle Using Doubly Fed Induction Motor Vector Controlled

By Saïd Drid

Part of book: Electric Vehicles

5. Investigation and Analysis of the Mechanical Behaviors of the Electric Vehicles

By Liang Zheng

Part of book: New Generation of Electric Vehicles

6. Seamless Connectivity Techniques in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks

By Anna Maria Vegni, Tiziano Inzerilli and Roberto Cusani

Part of book: Advances in Vehicular Networking Technologies

7. Correlation Coefficients of Received Signal I and Q Components in a Domain with Time and Frequency Axes under Multipath Mobile Channel with LOS and NLOS

By Shigeru Kozono, Kenji Ookubo, Takeshi Kozima and Tomohiro Hamashima

Part of book: Vehicular Technologies

8. Multimodulus Blind Equalization Algorithm Using Oblong QAM Constellations for Fast Carrier Phase Recovery

By Jenq-Tay Yuan and Tzu-Chao Lin

Part of book: Vehicular Technologies

9. Peak-to-Average Power Ratio Reduction for Wavelet Packet Modulation Schemes via Basis Function Design

By Ngon Thanh Le, Siva D. Muruganathan and Abu B. Sesay

Part of book: Vehicular Technologies

10. Propagation Path Loss Modelling in Container Terminal Environment

By Slawomir J. Ambroziak, Ryszard J. Katulski, Jaroslaw Sadowski and Jacek Stefanski

Part of book: Vehicular Technologies