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1. The Role of Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals in Male Fertility Decline

By Magda Carvalho Henriques, Susana Loureiro, Margarida Fardilha and Maria Teresa Herdeiro

Part of book: Male Reproductive Health [Working Title]

2. Causes and Pathophysiology of Nephrotic Syndrome in Childhood

By Nagaraju Vallepu, Saikiran Velpula, Bharath Kumar Dasari, Manish Kumar Thimmaraju, Sridhar Babu Gummadi, Neeraja Yelugam and Supraja Jannu

Part of book: Renal Diseases [Working Title]

3. Renal Biopsy: Appraisal of the Methods

By Ogochukwu Okoye

Part of book: Renal Diseases [Working Title]

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1. Sexual and Reproductive Function in Chronic Kidney Disease and Effect of Kidney Transplantation

By Mahboob Lessan-Pezeshki and Shirin Ghazizadeh

Part of book: After the Kidney Transplant - The Patients and Their Allograft

2. Dialysis Membranes — Physicochemical Structures and Features

By Akihiro C. Yamashita and Kenji Sakurai

Part of book: Updates in Hemodialysis

3. Understanding the Pathophysiology of Nephrocalcinosis

By Giovanna Priante, Monica Ceol, Liliana Terrin, Lisa Gianesello, Federica Quaggio, Dorella Del Prete and Franca Anglani

Part of book: Updates and Advances in Nephrolithiasis - Pathophysiology, Genetics, and Treatment Modalities

4. Investigation of Laser Pulse‐induced Calculus Damage Mechanism by a High‐speed Camera

By Jian J. Zhang, Rongwei J. Xuan and Thomas Hasenberg

Part of book: Updates and Advances in Nephrolithiasis - Pathophysiology, Genetics, and Treatment Modalities

5. Diagnosis and Management of Exit Site Infection in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients

By Desmond Y.H. Yap and Terence Yip

Part of book: Some Special Problems in Peritoneal Dialysis

6. Management of Post Hypospadias Urethral Fistula

By Sherif Shehata and Mohamed Hashish

Part of book: Current Concepts of Urethroplasty

7. Water Treatment for Centre and Home-Based Haemodialysis

By Shyam Dheda, Carolyn Van Eps, Carmel Hawley and David W. Johnson

Part of book: Updates in Hemodialysis

8. Management of Anemia on Hemodialysis

By Konstantinos Pantelias and Eirini Grapsa

Part of book: Hemodialysis

9. Catheter-Related Sheaths (CRS): Pathophysiology and Treatment Strategies

By Robert Percarpio, Elizabeth T. Chorney and Andrew R. Forauer

Part of book: Hemodialysis

10. Assessment of Human Sperm Cells Morphological Parameters

By Kristina Lasiene

Part of book: Spermatozoa - Facts and Perspectives