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1. Electrostatic Conversion for Vibration Energy Harvesting

By S. Boisseau, G. Despesse and B. Ahmed Seddik

Part of book: Small-Scale Energy Harvesting

2. Wind Turbines Theory - The Betz Equation and Optimal Rotor Tip Speed Ratio

By Magdi Ragheb and Adam M. Ragheb

Part of book: Fundamental and Advanced Topics in Wind Power

3. MPPT Control Methods in Wind Energy Conversion Systems

By Jogendra Singh Thongam and Mohand Ouhrouche

Part of book: Fundamental and Advanced Topics in Wind Power


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1. Development of Granular Catalysts and Natural Gas Combustion Technology for Small Gas Turbine Power Plants

By Z.R. Ismagilov, M.A. Kerzhentsev, S.A. Yashnik, N.V. Shikina, A.N. Zagoruiko, V.N. Parmon, V.M. Zakharov, B.I. Braynin and O.N. Favorski

Part of book: Gas Turbines

2. Energy Optimization: a Strategic Key Factor for Firms

By Stefano De Falco

Part of book: Energy Management Systems

3. Optimal Management of Power Systems

By Luca Andreassi and Stefano Ubertini

Part of book: Energy Management

4. Energy-Aware High Performance Computing

By Martin Wlotzka, Vincent Heuveline, Manuel F. Dolz, M. Reza Heidari, Thomas Ludwig, A. Cristiano I. Malossi and Enrique S. Quintana-Orti

Part of book: ICT - Energy Concepts for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

5. Multilayered Solar Energy Converters with Flexible Sequence of p and n Semiconductor Films

By Yuri V. Vorobiev, Iker R. Chávez Urbiola, Rafael Ramírez Bon, Liliana Licea Jiménez, Sergio A. Pérez García, Pavel Vorobiev and Paul Horley

Part of book: Sustainable Energy

6. Epoxy Composites Using Wood Pulp Components as Fillers

By Douglas M. Fox, Noy Kaufman, Jeremiah Woodcock, Chelsea S. Davis, Jeffrey W. Gilman, John R. Shields, Rick D. Davis, Szabolcs Matko and Mauro Zammarano

Part of book: Composites from Renewable and Sustainable Materials

7. Productivity and Development Issues of Global Wind Turbine Industry

By Ali Mostafaeipour

Part of book: Wind Turbines

8. Rotor Speed Stability Analysis of a Constant Speed Wind Turbine Generator

By Mitalkumar Kanabar and Srikrishna Khaparde

Part of book: Wind Turbines

9. Embedded Energy Management System for the ICT Saving Energy Consumption

By Francisco Macia-Perez, Diego Marcos-Jorquera, Virgilio Gilart-Iglesias, Juan Antonio Gil Martinez-Abarca, Luis Felipe Herrera-Quintero and Antonio Ferrandiz-Colmeiro

Part of book: Energy Management

10. Damage and Performance Assessment of Protective Coatings on Turbine Blades

By Jaroslav Pokluda and Marta Kianicová

Part of book: Gas Turbines