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1. Titanium as a Biomaterial for Implants

By Carlos Oldani and Alejandro Dominguez

Part of book: Recent Advances in Arthroplasty

2. Trigeminocardiac Reflex in Neurosurgery - Current Knowledge and Prospects

By Amr Abdulazim, Martin N. Stienen, Pooyan Sadr-Eshkevari, Nora Prochnow, Nora Sandu, Benham Bohluli and Bernhard Schaller

Part of book: Explicative Cases of Controversial Issues in Neurosurgery

3. Predictors of Pain and Function Following Total Joint Replacement

By Michelle M. Dowsey and Peter F. M. Choong

Part of book: Arthroplasty


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1. Tumour Angiogenesis in Rectal Cancer-Computer-Assisted Endosonographic and Immunohistochemical Methods for Assessment

By Tankova Ludmila, Daniel Kovatchki, Georgi Stoilov, Antonina Gegova and Ivan Terziev

Part of book: Rectal Cancer

2. Nonoperative Management of Distal Rectal Cancer After Chemoradiation: Experience with the “Watch & Wait” Protocol

By Angelita Habr-Gama, Rodrigo Oliva Perez, Patricio B. Lynn, Arceu Scanavini Neto and Joaquim Gama-Rodrigues

Part of book: Rectal Cancer

3. Three-Dimensional Computer-Assisted Corrective Osteotomy Techniques for the Malunited Distal Radius

By Joy C. Vroemen and Simon D. Strackee

Part of book: The Role of Osteotomy in the Correction of Congenital and Acquired Disorders of the Skeleton

4. Strategies to Decrease Morbidity After Hepatectomy for Hepatocellular Carcinoma

By Hiroshi Sadamori, Takahito Yagi and Toshiyoshi Fujiwara

Part of book: Hepatic Surgery

5. Laparoscopic Hernia Repair and Its Validation by Second-Look Inspection to Internal Inguinal Rings in Children with Patent Processus Vaginalis

By Masao Endo, Michinobu Ohno, Fumiko Yoshida, Miwako Nakano, Toshihiko Watanabe and Etsuji Ukiyama

Part of book: Laparoscopy

6. Minimal Invasive Surgery in Head and Neck Video-Assisted Technique

By Jorge O. Guerrissi

Part of book: Current Concepts in Plastic Surgery

7. Bridging the ‘Gap’ in Developing Countries: At what Expense?

By Chulananda DA Goonasekera

Part of book: Kidney Transplantation

8. Donor Nephrectomy

By Gholamreza Mokhtari, Ahmad Enshaei, Hamidreza Baghani Aval and Samaneh Esmaeili

Part of book: Renal Transplantation

9. Screening for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

By Sima Sayyahmelli and Rakhshandeh Alipanahi

Part of book: Diagnosis and Treatment of Abdominal and Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms Including the Ascending Aorta and the Aortic Arch

10. Introductory Chapter: Embolic Diseases - Unusual Therapies and Challenges

By Michael S. Firstenberg

Part of book: Embolic Diseases