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1. Application of a Robotic Rehabilitation Training System for Recovery of Severe Plegie Hand Motor Function after a Stroke

By Hirofumi Tanabe, Munehiro Ikuta, Toshimasa Mikawa, Akihiko Kondo and Yoshifumi Morita

Part of book: Medical Robotics - New Achievements

2. Cyberthosis: Rehabilitation Robotics With Controlled Electrical Muscle Stimulation

By Patrick Metrailler, Roland Brodard, Yves Stauffer, Reymond Clavel and Rolf Frischknecht

Part of book: Rehabilitation Robotics

3. Powered Human Gait Assistance

By Kevin W. Hollander and Thomas G. Sugar

Part of book: Rehabilitation Robotics

4. Biomechanical Constraints in the Design of Robotic Systems for Tremor Suppression

By Juan-Manuel Belda-Lois, Alvaro Page, Jose-Maria Baydal-Bertomeu Rakel Poveda and Ricard Barbera

Part of book: Rehabilitation Robotics

5. Applications of Robotics to Assessment and Physical Therapy of Upper Limbs of Stroke Patients

By M.-S. Ju, C.-C. K. Lin, S.-M. Chen, I.-S. Hwang, P.-C. Kung and Z.-W. Wu

Part of book: Rehabilitation Robotics

6. Upper-Limb Robotic Rehabilitation Exoskeleton: Tremor Suppression

By J.L. Pons, E. Rocon, A.F. Ruiz and J.C. Moreno

Part of book: Rehabilitation Robotics

7. Exoskeleton-Based Exercisers for the Disabilities of the Upper Arm and Hand

By Ioannis Sarakoglou, Sophia Kousidou, Nikolaos G. Tsagarakis and Darwin G. Caldwell

Part of book: Rehabilitation Robotics

8. Task-oriented and Purposeful Robot-Assisted Therapy

By Michelle J. Johnson, Kimberly J. Wisneski, John Anderson, Dominic Nathan, Elaine Strachota, Judith Kosasih, Jayne Johnston and and Roger O. Smith

Part of book: Rehabilitation Robotics

9. Applications of a Fluidic Artificial Hand in the Field of Rehabilitation

By Artem Kargov, Oleg Ivlev, Christian Pylatiuk, Tamim Asfour, Stefan Schulz, Axel Graeser, Ruediger Dillmann and Georg Bretthauer

Part of book: Rehabilitation Robotics

10. Upper Limb Rehabilitation System for Self-Supervised Therapy: Computer-Aided Daily Performance Evaluation for the Trauma and Disorder in the Spinal Cord and Peripheral Nerves

By Kengo Ohnishi, Keiji Imado, Yukio Saito and Hiroomi Miyagawa

Part of book: Rehabilitation Robotics