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1. Characterization of Bone and Bone-Based Graft Materials Using FTIR Spectroscopy

By M.M. Figueiredo, J.A.F. Gamelas and A.G. Martins

Part of book: Infrared Spectroscopy

2. Review: Cyclodextrin Inclusion Complexes Probed by NMR Techniques

By Francisco B. T. Pessine, Adriana Calderini and Guilherme L. Alexandrino

Part of book: Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

3. Neuroimaging Helps to Clarify Brain Affective Processing Without Necessarily Clarifying Emotions

By Peter Walla and Jaak Panksepp

Part of book: Novel Frontiers of Advanced Neuroimaging


Most downloaded chapters in this category in last 30 days

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1. Endoscopic Vidian Neurectomy: The Anatomy Consideration and Preoperative Images Analysis

By Wan-Fu Su, Shao-Cheng Liu and Hsing-Won Wang

Part of book: Computed Tomography

2. Neuroimaging in Narcolepsy

By A. Bican, İ. Bora, O. Algın, B. Hakyemez, V. Özkol and E. Alper

Part of book: Novel Frontiers of Advanced Neuroimaging

3. Microwave Imaging for Early Breast Cancer Detection

By Yoshihiko Kuwahara

Part of book: Breast Imaging

4. Nuclear Medicine in Musculoskeletal Disorders: Clinical Approach

By Noelia Medina-Gálvez and Teresa Pedraz

Part of book: 12 Chapters on Nuclear Medicine

5. Texture Analysis in Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Review and Considerations for Future Applications

By Andrés Larroza, Vicente Bodí and David Moratal

Part of book: Assessment of Cellular and Organ Function and Dysfunction using Direct and Derived MRI Methodologies

6. Vascular and Cardiac CT in Small Animals

By Giovanna Bertolini and Luca Angeloni

Part of book: Computed Tomography

7. Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Breast

By Marc Lobbes and Carla Boetes

Part of book: Imaging of the Breast

8. Overview of the Application of EMG Recording in the Diagnosis and Approach of Neurological Disorders

By Yunfen Wu, María Ángeles Martínez Martínez and Pedro Orizaola Balaguer

Part of book: Electrodiagnosis in New Frontiers of Clinical Research

9. Diagnostic Imaging in Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology

By Hasan Ayberk Altug and Aydin Ozkan

Part of book: Medical Imaging

10. Echocardiography in Kawasaki Disease

By Deane Yim, David Burgner and Michael Cheung

Part of book: Echocardiography