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1. Hepatitis B Virus Genetic Diversity: Disease Pathogenesis

By MariaKuttikan Jayalakshmi, Narayanan Kalyanaraman and Ramasamy Pitchappan

Part of book: Viral Replication

2. An Overview of the Immune Evasion Strategies Adopted by Different Viruses with Special Reference to Classical Swine Fever Virus

By S. Chakraborty, B.M. Veeregowda, R. Deb, and B.M. Chandra Naik

Part of book: Viral Replication

3. West Nile Virus: Basic Principles, Replication Mechanism, Immune Response and Important Genetic Determinants of Virulence

By George Valiakos, Labrini V. Athanasiou, Antonia Touloudi, Vassilis Papatsiros, Vassiliki Spyrou, Liljana Petrovska and Charalambos Billinis

Part of book: Viral Replication

4. Bacteriophages and Their Structural Organisation

By E.V. Orlova

Part of book: Bacteriophages

5. Influenza A Virus Multiplication and the Cellular SUMOylation System

By Andrés Santos, Jason Chacón and Germán Rosas-Acosta

Part of book: Viral Replication

6. Application of Therapeutic Phages in Medicine

By Sanjay Chhibber and Seema Kumari

Part of book: Bacteriophages

7. Bacteriophages of Bacillus subtilis (natto) and Their Contamination in Natto Factories

By Toshirou Nagai

Part of book: Bacteriophages

8. Preventing Zoonotic Influenza

By Clement Meseko, Binod Kumar and Melvin Sanicas

Part of book: Influenza - Therapeutics and Challenges

9. Bacteriophages of Ralstonia solanacearum: Their Diversity and Utilization as Biocontrol Agents in Agriculture

By Takashi Yamada

Part of book: Bacteriophages

10. Some Reflections on the Origin of Lambdoid Bacteriophages

By Luis Kameyama, Eva Martínez-Peñafiel, Omar Sepúlveda-Robles, Zaira Y. Flores-López, Leonor Fernández, Francisco Martínez-Pérez and Rosa Ma. Bermúdez

Part of book: Bacteriophages