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1. Cervical Cancer in Sub Sahara Africa

By Atara Ntekim

Part of book: Topics on Cervical Cancer With an Advocacy for Prevention

2. Molecular Mechanisms of Platinum Resistance in Ovarian Cancer

By Gonzalo Tapia and Ivan Diaz-Padilla

Part of book: Ovarian Cancer - A Clinical and Translational Update

3. Determining Factors of Cesarean Delivery Trends in Developing Countries: Lessons from Point G National Hospital (Bamako - Mali)

By I. Teguete, Y. Traore, A. Sissoko, M. Y. Djire, A. Thera, T. Dolo, N. Mounkoro, M. Traore and A. Dolo

Part of book: Cesarean Delivery


Most downloaded chapters in this category in last 30 days

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1. Multiple Pregnancy in Women of Advanced Reproductive Age

By Laura Pérez Martín and Duna Trobo Marina

Part of book: Multiple Pregnancy - New Challenges

2. Abnormalities of the Placenta

By Roxana Cristina Drăgușin, Maria Șorop-Florea, Ciprian Laurențiu Pătru, Lucian Zorilă, Cristian Marinaș, Bogdan Virgiliu Șorop, Răzvan Căpitănescu and Dominic Gabriel Iliescu

Part of book: Congenital Anomalies - From the Embryo to the Neonate

3. Artificial Insemination in Poultry

By M.R. Bakst and J.S. Dymond

Part of book: Success in Artificial Insemination - Quality of Semen and Diagnostics Employed

4. Basic Antenatal Care Approach to Antenatal Care Service Provision

By Thembelihle Sylvia Patience Ngxongo

Part of book: Selected Topics in Midwifery Care

5. Fetal Central Nervous System Abnormalities

By Andreea Ceausescu, Andreea Docea, Marina Dinu, Stefan Degeratu, Dominic Iliescu and Monica Cara

Part of book: Congenital Anomalies - From the Embryo to the Neonate

6. Endometritis and Infertility in the Mare – The Challenge in Equine Breeding Industry–A Review

By Maria Pia Pasolini, Chiara Del Prete, Silvia Fabbri and Luigi Auletta

Part of book: Genital Infections and Infertility

7. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection – Factors Affecting Fertilization

By Murid Javed and Essam Michael

Part of book: Enhancing Success of Assisted Reproduction

8. The Psychosocial Aspect of Infertility

By Cicek Hocaoglu

Part of book: Infertility, Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Hormone Assays

9. Congenital Fetal Anomalies and the Role of Prenatal Ultrasound

By Fanni Rebeka Erős and Artúr Beke

Part of book: Congenital Anomalies - From the Embryo to the Neonate

10. Staphylococcal Infection and Infertility

By Liyun Shi, Huanhuan Wang and Zhe Lu

Part of book: Genital Infections and Infertility