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1. Botulinum Neurotoxin: A Multifunctional Protein for the Development of New Therapeutics

By Elena Fonfria

Part of book: Neurotoxins

2. Targeting Acid-Sensing Ion Channels by Peptide Toxins

By Chengchong Li, Yuhua Wang and Xiang-Ping Chu

Part of book: Neurotoxins

3. Resistance to Botulinum Toxin in Aesthetics

By Sebastián Torres Farr

Part of book: Neurotoxins


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1. Neurotoxins and Autism

By Afaf El-Ansary, Abeer Al-Dbass and Hanan Qasem

Part of book: Neurotoxins

2. Molecular-Cellular Targets of the Pathogenetic Action of Ethanol in the Human Brain in Ontogenesis and the Possibility of Targeted Therapy Aimed at Correcting the Effect of Pathogenic Factors

By Tamara V. Shushpanova, Anatoly Solonskii and Olga V. Shushpanova

Part of book: Drug Addiction

3. Bereavement and Substance Use Disorder

By Laura Masferrer and Beatriz Caparrós

Part of book: Drug Addiction

4. Nursing Care for Persons with Drug Addiction

By Ek-uma Imkome

Part of book: Drug Addiction

5. Methadone Treatment for Heroin Dependence

By Baconi Daniela Luiza, Anne Marie Ciobanu, Robert Daniel Vasile, Ana-Maria Vlasceanu, Mirela Nedelescu and Miriana Stan

Part of book: Drug Addiction

6. Investigation of Emotion Characters of Internet Abusers Using Psychophysiological Signals

By Dai-Ling Hsieh and Tzu-Chien Hsiao

Part of book: Drug Addiction

7. Deep Brain Stimulation in Treatment-Refractory Addiction

By Angelo Lavano, Giusy Guzzi, Attilio Della Torre, Donatella Gabriele, Domenico Chirchiglia, Carmelino Angelo Stroscio and Giorgio Volpentesta

Part of book: Drug Addiction

8. Developmental Neurotoxicity of Fluoride: A Quantitative Risk Analysis Toward Establishing a Safe Dose for Children

By John William Hirzy, Paul Connett, Quanyong Xiang, Bruce Spittle and David Kennedy

Part of book: Neurotoxins

9. Effect of Alcohol on Brain Development

By Farhin Patel and Palash Mandal

Part of book: Drug Addiction

10. Using Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Neural Cultures to Assess Safety of New Drugs and Chemicals

By Cassiano Carromeu

Part of book: Neurotoxins