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1. Use of Neuroprotective agents for Traumatic Brain Injury

By Mohammad Meshkini, Ali Meshkini and Homayoun Sadeghi-Bazargani

Part of book: Traumatic Brain Injury [Working Title]

2. Epileptic Encephalopathies in Infants and Children

By Otman Fernandez-Concepcion and Melvin Lopez-Jimenez

Part of book: Epilepsy - Advances in Diagnosis and Therapy [Working Title]

3. Components of Soft Computing for Epileptic Seizure Prediction and Detection

By B. Suguna Nanthini

Part of book: Epilepsy - Advances in Diagnosis and Therapy [Working Title]

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1. The Role of Nurses in Parkinson's Disease

By Michelle Hyczy de Siqueira Tosin and Beatriz Guitton Renaud Baptista de Oliveira

Part of book: Challenges in Parkinson's Disease

2. Animal Models of Parkinson’s Disease

By Javier Blesa, Ines Trigo‐Damas, Ana Quiroga‐Varela and Natalia Lopez‐Gonzalez del Rey

Part of book: Challenges in Parkinson's Disease

3. Hallmarks in the History of Epilepsy: From Antiquity Till the Twentieth Century

By Emmanouil Magiorkinis, Kalliopi Sidiropoulou and Aristidis Diamantis

Part of book: Novel Aspects on Epilepsy

4. Current Rehabilitation Methods for Cerebral Palsy

By Nilay Çömük Balcı

Part of book: Cerebral Palsy - Current Steps

5. Mucuna and Parkinson’s Disease: Treatment with Natural Levodopa

By Rafael González Maldonado

Part of book: Parkinson's Disease - Understanding Pathophysiology and Developing Therapeutic Strategies

6. Pathophysiology of Peripheral Nerve Injury

By Tomas Madura

Part of book: Basic Principles of Peripheral Nerve Disorders

7. Motor Cortex Hyperexcitability, Neuroplasticity, and Degeneration in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

By Ilya S. Bakulin, Alexander V. Chervyakov, Natalia A. Suponeva, Maria N. Zakharova and Michael A. Piradov

Part of book: Update on Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

8. Assessments and Outcome Measures of Cerebral Palsy

By Ayşe Numanoğlu Akbaş

Part of book: Cerebral Palsy - Current Steps

9. Physiotherapy for Children with Cerebral Palsy

By Mintaze Kerem Günel

Part of book: Epilepsy in Children - Clinical and Social Aspects

10. Monoamines and Sleep: Effects of Oxcarbazepine

By Alfonso Alfaro-Rodríguez, Emilio Arch-Tirado and Rigoberto González-Piña

Part of book: Underlying Mechanisms of Epilepsy