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1. Extracellular Matrix Microenvironment in Glioma Progression

By Marzenna Wiranowska and Mumtaz V. Rojiani

Part of book: Glioma - Exploring Its Biology and Practical Relevance

2. Mouse Models of Human Familial Paraganglioma

By Louis J. Maher III, Emily H. Smith, Emily M. Rueter, Nicole A. Becker, John Paul Bida, Molly Nelson-Holte, José Ignacio Piruat Palomo, Paula García-Flores, José López-Barneo and Jan van Deursen

Part of book: Pheochromocytoma - A New View of the Old Problem

3. Brain Tumor Exosomes and Microvesicles: Pleiotropic Effects from Tiny Cellular Surrogates

By Michael W Graner

Part of book: Molecular Targets of CNS Tumors


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1. Histology of Primary Brain Tumors

By Maysa Al-Hussaini

Part of book: Clinical Management and Evolving Novel Therapeutic Strategies for Patients with Brain Tumors

2. Primary Brain Tumors in Childhood

By Romana Richterová and Branislav Kolarovszki

Part of book: Brain Tumors - An Update

3. IDH-Mutant Gliomas

By Kensuke Tateishi and Tetsuya Yamamoto

Part of book: Brain and Spinal Tumors - Primary and Secondary

4. Neuroblastoma: The Clinical Aspects

By Neema Bhat and Lisa McGregor

Part of book: Neuroblastoma - Current State and Recent Updates

5. Laser Ablation in Neuro-oncology

By Mayur Sharma, Danilo Silva, Suresh Balasubramanian, Gene H. Barnett and Alireza M. Mohammadi

Part of book: Neurooncology - Newer Developments

6. Concurrent Thermochemoradiotherapy in Glioblastoma Treatment: Preliminary Results

By Anastasiya I. Ryabova, Valery A. Novikov, Olga V. Gribova, Evgeny L. Choynzonov, Zhanna A. Startseva, Evgeny G. Grigoryev, Irina A. Miloichikova, Nataliya D. Turgunova and Polina V. Surkova

Part of book: Glioma - Contemporary Diagnostic and Therapeutic Approaches

7. Targeted Therapy for Gliomas: the Oncolytic Virus Applications

By Zulkifli Mustafa, Hidayah Roslan and Jafri Malin Abdullah

Part of book: Brain Tumors - Current and Emerging Therapeutic Strategies

8. Mechanisms of Aggressiveness in Glioblastoma: Prognostic and Potential Therapeutic Insights

By Céline S. Gonçalves, Tatiana Lourenço, Ana Xavier-Magalhães, Marta Pojo and Bruno M. Costa

Part of book: Evolution of the Molecular Biology of Brain Tumors and the Therapeutic Implications

9. Stem Cell Research for the Treatment of Malignant Glioma

By Ryota Tamura and Masahiro Toda

Part of book: Brain Tumors - An Update

10. Functional and Therapeutic Implications of Mitochondrial Network and Mitochondria-Associated Membranes: The Glioma’s Case

By Gabriel Arismendi-Morillo, Alan Castellano-Ramírez and Thomas N. Seyfried

Part of book: Glioma - Contemporary Diagnostic and Therapeutic Approaches