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1. Tailoring the Morphology and the Optical Properties of Semiconductor Nanocrystals by Alloying

By Young-Kuk Kim and Chul-Jin Choi

Part of book: Nanocrystal

2. Structure of Nanocrystals in Finemets with Different Silicon Content and Stress-Induced Magnetic Anisotropy

By Nikolay V. Ershov, Yuri P. Chernenkov, Vladimir I. Fedorov, Vera A. Lukshina, Nadezda M. Kleinerman, Vadim V. Serikov, Anatoly P. Potapov and Nikita K. Yurchenko

Part of book: Nanocrystal

3. Effect of Argon CarriEffect of Argon Carrier Gas Flux on TiO2 Nanostructures

By Reza Sabet Dariani and Zohreh Nafari Qaleh

Part of book: Nanoparticles Technology

4. The Controlled Growth of Long AlN Nanorods and In-situ Investigation on Their Field Emission Properties

By Fei Liu, Lifang Li, Zanjia Su, Shaozhi Deng, Jun Chen and Ningsheng Xu

Part of book: Nanorods

5. Mechanical Nanoprocessing and Nanoviscoelasticity of Surface- Modified Polycarbonate

By Shojiro Miyake and Mei Wang

Part of book: Nanoscaled Films and Layers

6. Mechanical Properties of GO Nanostructures Prepared from Freeze-Drying Method

By Yanhuai Ding, Hui Chen, Zheng Li, Huming Ren, Xianqiong Tang, Jiuren Yin, Yong Jiang and Ping Zhang

Part of book: Novel Nanomaterials

7. Colloidal Lithography

By Ye Yu and Gang Zhang

Part of book: Updates in Advanced Lithography

8. Synthesis of Pt–Containing Metals Alloy and Hybrid Nanowires and Investigation of Electronic Structure Using Synchrotron-Based X-Ray Absorption Techniques

By Xiaowei Teng, Wenxin Du and Qi Wang

Part of book: Nanowires

9. Nanocrystals in Metallic Glasses

By Rainer J. Hebert

Part of book: Nanocrystal

10. Electron Scattering Through a Quantum Dot

By Leonardo Kleber Castelano, Guo-Qiang Hai and Mu-Tao Lee

Part of book: Fingerprints in the Optical and Transport Properties of Quantum Dots