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1. Corrosion Inhibitors – Principles, Mechanisms and Applications

By Camila G. Dariva and Alexandre F. Galio

Part of book: Developments in Corrosion Protection

2. Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of High Strength Two-Phase Titanium Alloys

By J. Sieniawski, W. Ziaja, K. Kubiak and M. Motyka

Part of book: Titanium Alloys - Advances in Properties Control

3. Additive Manufacturing of Al Alloys and Aluminium Matrix Composites (AMCs)

By Diego Manfredi, Flaviana Calignano, Manickavasagam Krishnan, Riccardo Canali, Elisa Paola Ambrosio, Sara Biamino, Daniele Ugues, Matteo Pavese and Paolo Fino

Part of book: Light Metal Alloys Applications


Most downloaded chapters in this category in last 30 days

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1. Corrosion and Surface Treatment of Magnesium Alloys

By Henry Hu, Xueyuan Nie and Yueyu Ma

Part of book: Magnesium Alloys - Properties in Solid and Liquid States

2. Microstructure-Property Relationship in Advanced Ni-Based Superalloys

By Hiroto Kitaguchi

Part of book: Metallurgy - Advances in Materials and Processes

3. Nanostructure of Materials and Corrosion Resistance

By A. A. El-Meligi

Part of book: Developments in Corrosion Protection

4. Welding of Magnesium Alloys

By Parviz Asadi, Kamel Kazemi-Choobi and Amin Elhami

Part of book: New Features on Magnesium Alloys

5. Introductory Chapter: A Brief Introduction to Engineering Materials and Metallurgy

By Uday M. Basheer Al-Naib

Part of book: Recent Advancements in the Metallurgical Engineering and Electrodeposition

6. Machining and Machinability of Aluminum Alloys

By V. Songmene, R. Khettabi, I. Zaghbani, J. Kouam, and A. Djebara

Part of book: Aluminium Alloys, Theory and Applications

7. Homogenization of Thin and Thick Metamaterials and Applications

By Abdelwaheb Ourir, Yao Gao, Agnès Maurel and Jean-Jacques Marigo

Part of book: Metamaterials - Devices and Applications

8. Corrosion Resistance and Electrocatalytic Properties of Metallic Glasses

By Shanlin Wang

Part of book: Metallic Glasses - Formation and Properties

9. Application of Magnesium Alloys in Transport

By W.A. Monteiro, S.J. Buso and L.V. da Silva

Part of book: New Features on Magnesium Alloys

10. Surface Modification of Magnesium and its Alloys Using Anodization for Orthopedic Implant Application

By Hamouda M. Mousa, Chan Hee Park and Cheol Sang Kim

Part of book: Magnesium Alloys