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1. Anisotropic Mechanical Properties of ABS Parts Fabricated by Fused Deposition Modelling

By Constance Ziemian, Mala Sharma and Sophia Ziemian

Part of book: Mechanical Engineering

2. Tribological Aspects of Rolling Bearing Failures

By Jürgen Gegner

Part of book: Tribology

3. Heat Transfer in Freeze-Drying Apparatus

By Roberto Pisano, Davide Fissore and Antonello A. Barresi

Part of book: Developments in Heat Transfer


Most downloaded chapters in this category in last 30 days

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1. Array Processing: Underwater Acoustic Source Localization

By Salah Bourennane, Caroline Fossati and Julien Marot

Part of book: Underwater Acoustics

2. Dispersion Properties of Co-Existing Low Frequency Modes in Quantum Plasmas

By Shabbir Ahmad Khan and Hamid Saleem

Part of book: Acoustic Waves

3. Tribological Interaction of Bio-Based Metalworking Fluids in Machining Process

By Erween Abd. Rahim, Amiril Sahab Abdul Sani and Norfazillah Talib

Part of book: Tribology, Lubricants and Additives

4. The Heat Transfer Enhancement Analysis and Experimental Investigation of Non-Uniform Cross-Section Channel SEMOS Heat Pipe

By Shang Fu-Min, Liu Jian-Hong and Liu Deng-Ying

Part of book: Developments in Heat Transfer

5. Variable Property Effects in Momentum and Heat Transfer

By Yan Jin and Heinz Herwig

Part of book: Developments in Heat Transfer

6. Extended Irreversible Thermodynamics in the Presence of Strong Gravity

By Hiromi Saida

Part of book: Thermodynamics

7. Irreversible Thermodynamics and Modelling of Random Media

By Roland Borghi

Part of book: Thermodynamics

8. Identifying and Monitoring Evolving AE Sources

By Rúnar Unnþórsson

Part of book: Acoustic Emission

9. Statistical Errors in Remote Passive Wireless SAW Sensing Employing Phase Differences

By Yuriy Shmaliy, Oleksandr Shmaliy, Oscar Ibarra-Manzano, Jose Andrade-Lucio and Gustavo Cerda-Villafana

Part of book: Acoustic Waves

10. Overview

By Konstantin Volkov

Part of book: Efficiency, Performance and Robustness of Gas Turbines