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1. ASCCC Fractal and Its Application in Antenna Miniaturization

By Zeinab Eskandari, Asghar Keshtkar, Javad Ahmadi‐Shokouh and Leila Ghanbari

Part of book: Fractal Analysis

2. Shape Optimization of Busemann-Type Biplane Airfoil for Drag Reduction Under Non-Lifting and Lifting Conditions Using Genetic Algorithms

By Yi Tian and Ramesh K. Agarwal

Part of book: Optimization Algorithms

3. Recent Research on Jensen's Inequality for Oparators

By Jadranka Mićić and Josip Pečarić

Part of book: Linear Algebra

4. Application of Fractal Dimension in Industry Practice

By Vlastimil Hotař

Part of book: Fractal Analysis

5. Inelastic Collisions and Hypervelocity Impacts at Nanoscopic Level: A Molecular Dynamics Study

By G. Gutierrez, S. Davis, C. Loyola, J. Peralta, F. Gonzalez, Y. Navarrete and F. Gonzalez-Wasaff

Part of book: Molecular Dynamics

6. Iteration Algorithms in Markov Decision Processes with State-Action-Dependent Discount Factors and Unbounded Costs

By Fernando Luque-Vásquez and J. Adolfo Minjárez-Sosa

Part of book: Operations Research

7. On Nonoscillatory Solutions of Two-Dimensional Nonlinear Dynamical Systems

By Elvan Akın and Özkan Öztürk

Part of book: Dynamical Systems

8. Interaction of Solitons with the Electromagnetic Field in Classical Nonlinear Field Models

By Jon C. Luke

Part of book: Complexity in Biological and Physical Systems

9. Self-Organization, Coherence and Turbulence in Laser Optics

By Vladimir L. Kalashnikov and Evgeni Sorokin

Part of book: Complexity in Biological and Physical Systems

10. Biological Hypercomputation and Degrees of Freedom

By Carlos Eduardo Maldonado

Part of book: Complexity in Biological and Physical Systems