Maternal-Fetal Medicine

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1. Psychobiological Stress and Preterm Birth

By Curt A. Sandman, Elysia P. Davis and Laura M. Glynn

Part of book: Preterm Birth

2. Oxidative Stress and Antioxidants: Preterm Birth and Preterm Infants

By Robert A. Knuppel, Mohamed I. Hassan, James J. McDermott, J. Martin Tucker and John C. Morrison

Part of book: Preterm Birth

3. Tubal Damage, Infertility and Tubal Ectopic Pregnancy: Chlamydia trachomatis and Other Microbial Aetiologies

By Louise M. Hafner and Elise S. Pelzer

Part of book: Ectopic Pregnancy


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1. Pelvic Floor Support

By Yu Chye Wah and Chew Heng Hai

Part of book: Obstetrics

2. Uterine Fibroids and Pregnancy: A Review of the Challenges

By Dagogo Semenitari Abam and Terhemen Kasso

Part of book: Obstetrics

3. Differential Diagnosis of Ectopic Pregnancy - Morbidity and Mortality

By Panagiotis Tsikouras, Marina Dimitraki, Alexandros Ammari, Sofia Bouchlariotou, Stefanos Zervoudis, Panagiotis Oikonomidis, Constantinos Zakas, Theodoros Mylonas, Anastasios Liberis, Vasileios Liberis and Georgios Maroulis

Part of book: Ectopic Pregnancy

4. Differential Diagnosis of Monotonous Fetal Heart Rate

By Alexander Karpov, Anna Simakova, Oksana Frolova, Gregory Shiferson and Igor Yemelianov

Part of book: Obstetrics

5. Clinical Risk Factors for Preterm Birth

By Ifeoma Offiah, Keelin O’Donoghue and Louise Kenny

Part of book: Preterm Birth

6. Massive Postpartum Hemorrhage: Protocol and Red Code

By Jaume Miñano Masip, Laura Almeida Toledano, Sílvia Ferrero Martínez and María Dolores Gómez Roig

Part of book: Obstetrics

7. Weakening and Rupture of Human Fetal Membranes – Biochemistry and Biomechanics

By N. Rangaswamy, D. Kumar, R.M. Moore, B.M. Mercer, J.M. Mansour, R. Redline and J.J. Moore

Part of book: Preterm Birth

8. Pharmacological Opportunities for Prevention of Preeclampsia

By Leonel García Benavides, Diego Hernández Molina, Jessica L. Barajas Vega, Sylvia E. Totsuka Sutton, Fernando Grover Paéz, Francisco J. Hernández Mora, Ernesto J. Ramírez Lizardo, Sara Pascoe Gonzalez, David Cardona Müller and Ernesto G. Cardona Muñoz

Part of book: Obstetrics

9. Modern Management of Cornual Ectopic Pregnancy

By Maged Shendy and Rami Atalla

Part of book: Ectopic Pregnancy

10. Normal Pregnancy Diagnosis Using Software of Ultrasonography Decision Support System

By Boy Subirosa Sabarguna, Farian Sakinah and Muhammad Reyhan

Part of book: Obstetrics