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Most cited chapters in this category

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1. Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy for Natural Fibres

By Mizi Fan, Dasong Dai and Biao Huang

Part of book: Fourier Transform

2. Collagen- vs. Gelatine-Based Biomaterials and Their Biocompatibility: Review and Perspectives

By Selestina Gorgieva and Vanja Kokol

Part of book: Biomaterials

3. Challenges and Opportunities for Spark Plasma Sintering: A Key Technology for a New Generation of Materials

By M. Suárez, A. Fernández, J.L. Menéndez, R. Torrecillas, H. U. Kessel, J. Hennicke, R. Kirchner and T. Kessel

Part of book: Sintering Applications


Most downloaded chapters in this category in last 30 days

Chapter title
1. Transition Metal Aluminide Coatings and Initial Steps on Additive Manufacturing

By Núria Cinca i Luis

Part of book: Intermetallic Compounds

2. Simulation of Dynamic Recrystallization in Solder Interconnections during Thermal Cycling

By Li, Tomi Laurila, Toni Mattila, Hongbo Xu and Mervi Paulasto-Kröckel

Part of book: Recent Developments in the Study of Recrystallization

3. The Group Velocity Picture of Metamaterial Systems

By Xunya Jiang, Zheng Liu,Wei Li, Zixian Liang, Penjun Yao, Xulin Lin, Xiaogang Zhang, Yongliang Zhang and Lina Shi

Part of book: Metamaterial

4. Relaxor-ferroelectric PMN–PT Thick Films

By Hana Uršič and Marija Kosec

Part of book: Ferroelectrics

5. Different Performance of Factors Affecting the Estimation of the Corrosion Rate in Magnesium Alloys by Implementation of the Common Methods for Electrochemical Measurements

By Alejandro Samaniego and Sebastián Feliu (Jr)

Part of book: Light Metal Alloys Applications

6. Physical Properties of Yttrium-Rhodium and Yttrium-Copper B2-Type Rare Earth Intermetallic Compounds: First Principles Study

By Abdessamad Sekkal, Mohamed Sahlaoui and Abdelnour Benzair

Part of book: Intermetallic Compounds

7. New Thermoplastic Ionic Elastomers Based on MA-g-EPDM with Advanced Characteristics

By Anton Airinei, Mihaela Homocianu, Daniel Timpu and Daniela Maria Stelescu

Part of book: Thermoplastic Elastomers

8. Tribological Properties of Polyester Composites: Effect of Vegetable Oils and Polymer Fibers

By Ibrahim Refaay Ahmed and Ali Waheed Yousry

Part of book: Polyester

9. Design and Application of Piezoelectric Stacks in Level Sensors

By Andrzej Buchacz and Andrzej Wróbel

Part of book: Piezoelectric Materials and Devices

10. Thermomechanical Time-Dependent Deformation and Fracturing of Brittle Rocks

By Tao Xu and Guang-lei Zhou

Part of book: Creep