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1. Thermoplastic Resins used in Dentistry

By Lavinia Ardelean, Cristina Maria Bortun, Angela Codruta Podariu and Laura Cristina Rusu

Part of book: Thermoplastic Elastomers - Synthesis and Applications

2. An Introduction to Hydrogels and Some Recent Applications

By Morteza Bahram, Naimeh Mohseni and Mehdi Moghtader

Part of book: Emerging Concepts in Analysis and Applications of Hydrogels

3. Biopolymers – Application in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

By Sneha Mohan, Oluwatobi S. Oluwafemi, Nandakumar Kalarikkal, Sabu Thomas and Sandile P. Songca

Part of book: Recent Advances in Biopolymers

4. Introduction of Fibre-Reinforced Polymers − Polymers and Composites: Concepts, Properties and Processes

By Martin Alberto Masuelli

Part of book: Fiber Reinforced Polymers - The Technology Applied for Concrete Repair

5. Cellulose-Derivatives-Based Hydrogels as Vehicles for Dermal and Transdermal Drug Delivery

By Lavinia Vlaia, Georgeta Coneac, Ioana Olariu, Vicenţiu Vlaia and Dumitru Lupuleasa

Part of book: Emerging Concepts in Analysis and Applications of Hydrogels

6. Emulsion Polymerization: Effects of Polymerization Variables on the Properties of Vinyl Acetate Based Emulsion Polymers

By Hale Berber Yamak

Part of book: Polymer Science

7. Wood Adhesives and Bonding Theory

By Onur Ülker

Part of book: Adhesives - Applications and Properties

8. Space Charge–Limited Current Model for Polymers

By Syed A. Moiz, Iqbal. A. Khan, Waheed A. Younis and Khasan S. Karimov

Part of book: Conducting Polymers

9. An Overview on the Use of Lignin and Its Derivatives in Fire Retardant Polymer Systems

By Neeraj Mandlekar, Aurélie Cayla, François Rault, Stéphane Giraud, Fabine Salaün, Giulio Malucelli and Jin-Ping Guan

Part of book: Lignin - Trends and Applications

10. Unsaturated Polyester Resin for Specialty Applications

By Bharat Dholakiya

Part of book: Polyester