Information and Knowledge Engineering

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Most cited chapters in this category

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1. Biomedical Named Entity Recognition: A Survey of Machine-Learning Tools

By David Campos, Sérgio Matos and José Luís Oliveira

Part of book: Theory and Applications for Advanced Text Mining

2. Virtual Patients as a Practical Realisation of the E-learning Idea in Medicine

By Andrzej A. Kononowicz and Inga Hege

Part of book: E-learning

3. Swarm Robotics: An Extensive Research Review

By Yogeswaran M. and Ponnambalam S. G.

Part of book: Advanced Knowledge Application in Practice


Most downloaded chapters in this category in last 30 days

Chapter title
1. 2D Watermarking: Non Conventional Approaches

By Hassen Seddik

Part of book: Watermarking

2. Robust Watermarking Framework for High Dynamic Range Images Against Tone-Mapping Attacks

By Jiunn-Lin Wu

Part of book: Watermarking

3. The Knowledge Management Strategic Alignment Model (KMSAM) and Its Impact on Performance: An Empirical Examination

By Yue-Yang Chen and Hui-Ling Huang

Part of book: Knowledge Management

4. Program Slicing Based on Monadic Semantics

By Yingzhou Zhang

Part of book: Semantics in Action

5. Real-Time Data Acquisition in Wireless Sensor Networks

By Mujdat Soyturk, Halil Cicibas and Omer Unal

Part of book: Data Acquisition

6. Minimum Data Acquisition Time for Prediction of Periodical Variable Structure System

By Branislav Dobrucky, Mariana Marcokova and Michael Pokorny

Part of book: Data Acquisition

7. Critical Appraisal of Data Acquisition in Body Composition: Evaluation of Methods, Techniques and Technologies on the Anatomical Tissue-System Level

By Aldo Scafoglieri, Steven Provyn, Ivan Bautmans, Joanne Wallace, Laura Sutton, Jonathan Tresignie, Olivia Louis, Johan De Mey and Jan Pieter Clarys

Part of book: Data Acquisition

8. Neural Basis of Object Recognition

By R. Marra, D. Rotiroti and V. Rispoli

Part of book: Advances in Object Recognition Systems

9. Application of ICA in Watermarking

By Abolfazl Hajisami and S. N. Hosseini

Part of book: Watermarking

10. Pixel Value Adjustment for Digital Watermarking Using Uniform Color Space

By Motoi Iwata, Takao Ikemoto, Akira Shiozaki and Akio Ogihara

Part of book: Watermarking