Infectious Diseases

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1. Introductory Chapter: Hansen´s Disease – The Forgotten and Neglected Disease

By Lina Fernández and Wellman Ribón

Part of book: Hansen's Disease - The Forgotten and Neglected Disease [Working Title]

2. The Burden of Dengue Illness and Its Economics Costs in the Americas: A Review on the Most Affected Countries

By Raúl Castro Rodríguez, Jorge Armando Rueda-Gallardo and Manuel Felipe Avella-Niño

Part of book: Dengue Fever - A resilient threat in the face of innovation [Working Title]

3. Introductory Chapter: An Overview on Urinary Tract Infections, Pathogens, and Risk Factors

By Payam Behzadi

Part of book: Microbiology of Urinary Tract Infections - Microbial Agents and Predisposing Factors [Working Title]

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1. Phenotypic and Molecular Methods for the Detection of Antibiotic Resistance Mechanisms in Gram Negative Nosocomial Pathogens

By Meletis Georgios, Tzampaz Egki and Sianou Effrosyni

Part of book: Trends in Infectious Diseases

2. World Wide Epidemiology of Helminths Infection

By Mohamed S. Abdeltawabi, Nahla El Seddik and Hosni K. Salem

Part of book: Human Helminthiasis

3. Laboratory Diagnosis of Meningitis

By S. Nagarathna, H. B. Veenakumari and A. Chandramuki

Part of book: Meningitis

4. Biosensor Platforms for Rapid Detection of E. coli Bacteria

By Rodica Elena Ionescu

Part of book: Escherichia coli

5. Management of CMV-Associated Diseases in Immunocompromised Patients

By A.L. Corona-Nakamura and M.J. Arias-Merino

Part of book: Manifestations of Cytomegalovirus Infection

6. Viral Encephalitis with Focus on Human Enteroviruses

By Po-Ying Chia and Justin Jang Hann Chu

Part of book: Encephalitis

7. Clinical Manifestations of Genital HPV Infection

By Edison Natal Fedrizzi

Part of book: Human Papillomavirus and Related Diseases

8. Escherichia coli as a Model Organism and Its Application in Biotechnology

By Vargas-Maya Naurú Idalia and Franco Bernardo

Part of book: Escherichia coli

9. Virulence Factors of Uropathogenic E. coli

By Sorwer Alam Parvez and Dolilur Rahman

Part of book: Microbiology of Urinary Tract Infections - Microbial Agents and Predisposing Factors

10. Anemia in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

By Karina Portillo Carroz and Josep Morera

Part of book: Anemia