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1. Residual Transmission of Malaria: An Old Issue for New Approaches

By Lies Durnez and Marc Coosemans

Part of book: Anopheles mosquitoes

2. Distribution, Mechanisms, Impact and Management of Insecticide Resistance in Malaria Vectors: A Pragmatic Review

By Vincent Corbel and Raphael N’Guessan

Part of book: Anopheles mosquitoes

3. Advances and Perspectives in the Study of the Malaria Mosquito Anopheles funestus

By Ibrahima Dia, Moussa Wamdaogo Guelbeogo and Diego Ayala

Part of book: Anopheles mosquitoes


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1. Interaction and Aggregation of Amyloid β Peptide with Multivalent Sulfonated Sugar

By Yoshiko Miura and Tomohiro Fukuda

Part of book: Amyloidosis

2. Laboratory Methods for the Diagnosis of Hereditary Amyloidoses

By S. Michelle Shiller, Ahmet Dogan and W. Edward Highsmith, Jr.

Part of book: Amyloidosis

3. Electron Microscopy in the Diagnosis of Amyloidosis

By Tosoni A., Barbiano di Belgiojoso G. and Nebuloni M.

Part of book: Amyloidosis

4. Mouse Models to Study Systemic Amyloidoses: Is Prion-Like Transmission a Common Pathogenic Mechanism?

By Keiichi Higuchi, Xiaoying Fu, Pengyao Zhang, Jinko Sawashita, Beiru Zhang, Jinze Qian, Wang Yaoyong and Masayuki Mori

Part of book: Amyloidosis

5. Transthyretin Amyloidosis in Aged Vervet Monkeys, as a Candidate for the Spontaneous Animal Model of Senile Systemic Amyloidosis

By Shinichiro Nakamura, Mitsuharu Ueda, Naohide Ageyama, Yukio Ando and Ryuzo Torii

Part of book: Amyloidosis

6. Amyloidosis Associated to Leishmania Infection in Murine Model

By Ana Lucia Abreu-Silva, Gabriel Xavier-Silva, Marlise Neves Milhomem, Mylena Andrea Oliveira Torres and Kátia da Silva Calabrese

Part of book: Amyloidosis

7. Functions of the Lentiviral Accessory Protein Nef During the Distinct Steps of HIV and SIV Replication Cycle

By Luciana J. Costa, Luiza M. Mendonça and Thatiane L. Sampaio

Part of book: HIV and AIDS

8. HIV Toxins: Gp120 as an Independent Modulator of Cell Function

By Leonor Huerta and César N. Cortés Rubio

Part of book: HIV and AIDS

9. Insulin-Like Growth Factor System in HIV/AIDS: A Structure Based Approach to the Design of New Therapeutics

By Monalisa Swain, Harsha Balaram and Hanudatta S. Atreya

Part of book: HIV and AIDS

10. HIV Envelope-Specific Antibody and Vaccine Efficacy

By Egidio Brocca-Cofano, Peng Xiao and Marjorie Robert-Guroff

Part of book: HIV and AIDS

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