Human-Computer Interaction

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1. Machine Analysis of Facial Expressions

By Maja Pantic and Marian Stewart Bartlett

Part of book: Face Recognition

2. Investigating Spontaneous Facial Action Recognition through AAM Representations of the Face

By Simon Lucey, Ahmed Bilal Ashraf and Jeffrey F. Cohn

Part of book: Face Recognition

3. A Review of Indoor Localization Technologies: towards Navigational Assistance for Topographical Disorientation

By Jorge Torres-Solis, Tiago H. Falk and Tom Chau

Part of book: Ambient Intelligence


Most downloaded chapters in this category in last 30 days

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1. Holographic Optical Elements and Application

By Nam Kim, Yan-Ling Piao and Hui-Ying Wu

Part of book: Holographic Materials and Optical Systems

2. Thermal Infrared Face Recognition – A Biometric Identification Technique for Robust Security system

By Mrinal Kanti Bhowmik, Kankan Saha, Sharmistha Majumder, Goutam Majumder, Ashim Saha, Aniruddha Nath Sarma, Debotosh Bhattacharjee, Dipak Kumar Basu and Mita Nasipuri

Part of book: Reviews, Refinements and New Ideas in Face Recognition

3. Application of Self-Organizing Maps in Text Clustering: A Review

By Yuan-Chao Liu, Ming Liu and Xiao-Long Wang

Part of book: Applications of Self-Organizing Maps

4. Data Collection Techniques for Forensic Investigation in Cloud

By Thankaraja Raja Sree and Somasundaram Mary Saira Bhanu

Part of book: Digital Forensic Science

5. Cochlear Implant Stimulation Rates and Speech Perception

By Komal Arora

Part of book: Modern Speech Recognition Approaches with Case Studies

6. Posture and Movement Estimation Based on Reduced Information. Application to the Context of FES-based Control of Lower-Limbs

By Nacim Ramdani, Christine Azevedo-Coste, David Guiraud, Philippe Fraisse, Rodolphe Heliot and Gael Pages

Part of book: Human Robot Interaction

7. Minutiae-based Fingerprint Extraction and Recognition

By Naser Zaeri

Part of book: Biometrics

8. Holography: The Usefulness of Digital Holographic Microscopy for Clinical Diagnostics

By Zahra El-Schich, Sofia Kamlund, Birgit Janicke, Kersti Alm and Anette Gjörloff Wingren

Part of book: Holographic Materials and Optical Systems

9. Heart Biometrics: Theory, Methods and Applications

By Foteini Agrafioti, Jiexin Gao and Dimitrios Hatzinakos

Part of book: Biometrics

10. Review of Wireless Brain-Computer Interface Systems

By Seungchan Lee, Younghak Shin, Soogil Woo, Kiseon Kim and Heung-No Lee

Part of book: Brain-Computer Interface Systems - Recent Progress and Future Prospects