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1. Machine Analysis of Facial Expressions

By Maja Pantic and Marian Stewart Bartlett

Part of book: Face Recognition

2. Investigating Spontaneous Facial Action Recognition through AAM Representations of the Face

By Simon Lucey, Ahmed Bilal Ashraf and Jeffrey F. Cohn

Part of book: Face Recognition

3. A Review of Indoor Localization Technologies: towards Navigational Assistance for Topographical Disorientation

By Jorge Torres-Solis, Tiago H. Falk and Tom Chau

Part of book: Ambient Intelligence


Most downloaded chapters in this category in last 30 days

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1. Thermal Infrared Face Recognition – A Biometric Identification Technique for Robust Security system

By Mrinal Kanti Bhowmik, Kankan Saha, Sharmistha Majumder, Goutam Majumder, Ashim Saha, Aniruddha Nath Sarma, Debotosh Bhattacharjee, Dipak Kumar Basu and Mita Nasipuri

Part of book: Reviews, Refinements and New Ideas in Face Recognition

2. Cochlear Implant Stimulation Rates and Speech Perception

By Komal Arora

Part of book: Modern Speech Recognition Approaches with Case Studies

3. Application of High Performance Photoinitiating Systems for Holographic Grating Recording

By C. Ley, C. Carré, A. Ibrahim and X. Allonas

Part of book: Holographic Materials and Optical Systems

4. Shared Futures: An Exploration of the Collaborative Potential of Intelligent Machines and Human Ingenuity in Cocreating Value

By Teboho Pitso

Part of book: Toward Super-Creativity - Improving Creativity in Humans, Machines, and Human - Machine Collaborations

5. The Virtual Reality Revolution: The Vision and the Reality

By Richard M. Levy

Part of book: Virtual Reality - Human Computer Interaction

6. A Review of P300, SSVEP, and Hybrid P300/SSVEP Brain- Computer Interface Systems

By Setare Amiri, Ahmed Rabbi, Leila Azinfar and Reza Fazel-Rezai

Part of book: Brain-Computer Interface Systems - Recent Progress and Future Prospects

7. 3D Capture and 3D Contents Generation for Holographic Imaging

By Elena Stoykova, Hoonjong Kang, Youngmin Kim, Joosup Park, Sunghee Hong and Jisoo Hong

Part of book: Holographic Materials and Optical Systems

8. Holographic Optical Elements and Application

By Nam Kim, Yan-Ling Piao and Hui-Ying Wu

Part of book: Holographic Materials and Optical Systems

9. A Human Body Mathematical Model Biometric Using Golden Ratio: A New Algorithm

By Evon Abu-Taieh and Hamed S. Al-Bdour

Part of book: Machine Learning and Biometrics

10. Generation of Cryptographic Keys from Personal Biometrics: An Illustration Based on Fingerprints

By Bon K. Sy and Arun P. Kumara Krishnan

Part of book: New Trends and Developments in Biometrics