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1. 3D GIS Modeling of Soft Geo-Objects: Taking Rainfall, Overland Flow, and Soil Erosion as an Example

By Dayong Shen, Kaoru Takara and Yuling Liu

Part of book: Geospatial Technology

2. Satellite SAR Interferometry for Earth’s Crust Deformation Monitoring and Geological Phenomena Analysis

By Giuseppe Solaro, Pasquale Imperatore and Antonio Pepe

Part of book: Geospatial Technology

3. GIS Applications in Agronomy

By Suarau O. Oshunsanya and OrevaOghene Aliku

Part of book: Geospatial Technology

4. Geomatics Applications to Contemporary Social and Environmental Problems in Mexico

By Jose Luis Silván-Cárdenas, Rodrigo Tapia-McClung, Camilo Caudillo-Cos, Pablo López-Ramírez, Oscar Sanchez-Sórdia and Daniela Moctezuma-Ochoa

Part of book: Geospatial Technology

5. Collaborative Uses of Geospatial Technology to Support Climate Change Adaptation in Indigenous Communities of the Circumpolar North

By Megan Sheremata, Leonard J.S. Tsuji and William A. Gough

Part of book: Geospatial Technology

6. Increasing the Adaptive Capacity of Indigenous People to Environmental Change: The Potential Use of an Innovative, Web-Based, Collaborative-Geomatics Informatics Tool to Reduce the Degree of Exposure of First Nations Cree to Hazardous Travel Routes

By Christine D. Barbeau, Donald Cowan and Leonard J.S. Tsuji

Part of book: Geospatial Technology

7. Participatory Mapping to Disrupt Unjust Urban Trajectories in Lima

By Rita Lambert and Adriana Allen

Part of book: Geospatial Technology

8. Estimation and Uncertainty Assessment of Surface Microclimate Indicators at Local Scale Using Airborne Infrared Thermography and Multispectral Imagery

By Serge Olivier Kotchi, Nathalie Barrette, Alain A. Viau, Jae-Dong Jang, Valéry Gond and Mir Abolfazl Mostafavi

Part of book: Geospatial Technology

9. Effect of Sampling Density on Estimation of Regional Soil Organic Carbon Stock for Rural Soils in Taiwan

By Chun-Chih Tsui, Xiao-Nan Liu, Horng-Yuh Guo and Zueng-Sang Chen

Part of book: Geospatial Technology

10. Monitoring of the 2008 Chaitén Eruption Cloud Using MODIS Data and its Impacts

By Yuanzhi Zhang, Jin Yeu Tsou, Zhaojun Huang, Jinrong Hu and Wyss W.-S. Yim

Part of book: Geospatial Technology