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1. Epigenetic Defects Related Reproductive Technologies: Large Offspring Syndrome (LOS)

By Makoto Nagai, Makiko Meguro-Horike and Shin-ichi Horike

Part of book: DNA Methylation - From Genomics to Technology

2. Introductory Chapter: Transcriptome Analysis

By Miroslav Blumenberg

Part of book: Transcriptome Analysis

3. Antisense Oligonucleotides, A Novel Developing Targeting Therapy

By Sara Karaki, Clément Paris and Palma Rocchi

Part of book: Antisense Therapy

4. Antisense Therapy: An Overview

By Shashwat Sharad

Part of book: Antisense Therapy

5. Application and Development of CRISPR/Cas9 Technology in Pig Research

By Huafeng Lin, Qiudi Deng, Lili Li and Lei Shi

Part of book: Gene Editing - Technologies and Applications

6. MiRNA-Based Therapeutics in Oncology, Realities, and Challenges

By Ovidiu Balacescu, Simona Visan, Oana Baldasici, Loredana Balacescu, Catalin Vlad and Patriciu Achimas-Cadariu

Part of book: Antisense Therapy

7. Repetitive DNA: A Tool to Explore Animal Genomes/Transcriptomes

By Deepali Pathak and Sher Ali

Part of book: Functional Genomics

8. Therapeutic Implication of miRNA in Human Disease

By Andrew Walayat, Meizi Yang and DaLiao Xiao

Part of book: Antisense Therapy

9. Strand Displacement Amplification for Multiplex Detection of Nucleic Acids

By Lingwen Zeng, Omar Mukama, Xuewen Lu, Shilin Cao and Donghai Lin

Part of book: Modulating Gene Expression - Abridging the RNAi and CRISPR-Cas9 Technologies

10. A Hypothesis to Explain How the DNA of Elderly People Is Prone to Damage: Genome-Wide Hypomethylation Drives Genomic Instability in the Elderly by Reducing Youth-Associated Gnome-Stabilizing DNA Gaps

By Apiwat Mutirangura

Part of book: Epigenetics