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  • Research in Biodiversity - Models and Applications
    Research in Biodiversity - Models and Applications badge badge
    Edited by Igor Ya. Pavlinov
    ISBN 978-953-307-794-9,
    Edited Volume
    376 pages, October, 2011
    The book covers several topics of biodiversity researches and uses, containing 17 chapters grouped into 5 sections. It begins with an interesting chapter considering the ways in which the very biodiversity could be thought about. Noteworthy is the ch ...
  • Biodiversity
    Edited by Adriano Sofo
    ISBN 978-953-307-715-4,
    Edited Volume
    148 pages, October, 2011
    Biodiversity is strongly affected by the rapid and accelerating changes in the global climate, which largely stem from human activity. Anthropogenic activities are causing highly influential impacts on species persistence. The sustained environmental ...
  • The Impact of Air Pollution on Health, Economy, Environment and Agricultural Sources
    The Impact of Air Pollution on Health, Economy, Environment and Agricultural Sources
    Edited by Mohamed K. Khallaf
    ISBN 978-953-307-528-0,
    Edited Volume
    456 pages, September, 2011
    This book aims to strengthen the knowledge base dealing with Air Pollution. The book consists of 21 chapters dealing with Air Pollution and its effects in the fields of Health, Environment, Economy and Agricultural Sources. It is divided into four se ...
  • The Importance of Biological Interactions in the Study of Biodiversity
    The Importance of Biological Interactions in the Study of Biodiversity badge badge
    Edited by Jordi Lopez Pujol
    ISBN 978-953-307-751-2,
    Edited Volume
    402 pages, September, 2011
    The term biodiversity defines not only all the variety of life in the Earth but also their complex interactions. Under the current scenario of biodiversity loss, and in order to preserve it, it is essential to achieve a deep understanding on all the ...
  • Air Pollution - New Developments
    Air Pollution - New Developments
    Edited by Anca Maria Moldoveanu
    ISBN 978-953-307-527-3,
    Edited Volume
    334 pages, September, 2011
    Today, an important issue is environmental pollution, especially air pollution. Due to pollutants present in air, human health as well as animal health and vegetation may suffer. The book can be divided in two parts. The first half presents how the e ...
  • Economic Effects of Biofuel Production
    Economic Effects of Biofuel Production badge badge
    Edited by Marco Aur�lio dos Santos Bernardes
    ISBN 978-953-307-178-7,
    Edited Volume
    462 pages, August, 2011
    This book aspires to be a comprehensive summary of current biofuels issues and thereby contribute to the understanding of this important topic. Readers will find themes including biofuels development efforts, their implications for the food industry, ...
  • Advanced Air Pollution
    Advanced Air Pollution badge badge
    Edited by Farhad Nejadkoorki
    ISBN 978-953-307-511-2,
    Edited Volume
    594 pages, August, 2011
    Leading air quality professionals describe different aspects of air pollution. The book presents information on four broad areas of interest in the air pollution field; the air pollution monitoring; air quality modeling; the GIS techniques to manage ...
  • Alternative Fuel
    Alternative Fuel
    Edited by Maximino Manzanera
    ISBN 978-953-307-372-9,
    Edited Volume
    358 pages, August, 2011
    Renewable energy sources such as biodiesel, bioethanol, biomethane, biomass from wastes or hydrogen are subject of great interest in the current energy scene. These fuels contribute to the reduction of prices and dependence on fossil fuels. In additi ...