Waste Management

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1. Delignification Process of Agro-Industrial Wastes an Alternative to Obtain Fermentable Carbohydrates for Producing Fuel

By Oscar Sánchez, Roció Sierra and Carlos J. Alméciga-Díaz

Part of book: Alternative Fuel

2. Biodiesel Fuel Production by Enzymatic Transesterification of Oils: Recent Trends, Challenges and Future Perspectives

By Nevena Luković, Zorica Knežević-Jugović and Dejan Bezbradica

Part of book: Alternative Fuel

3. Performance and Emission Characteristics of Spark Ignition Engine Fuelled with Ethanol and Methanol Gasoline Blended Fuels

By Ioannis Gravalos, Dimitrios Moshou, Theodoros Gialamas, Panagiotis Xyradakis, Dimitrios Kateris and Zisis Tsiropoulos

Part of book: Alternative Fuel


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1. Solid Waste Management in African Cities – East Africa

By James Okot-Okumu

Part of book: Waste Management - An Integrated Vision

2. Solid Waste Management in Malaysia – A Move Towards Sustainability

By Jayashree Sreenivasan, Marthandan Govindan, Malarvizhi Chinnasami and Indrakaran Kadiresu

Part of book: Waste Management - An Integrated Vision

3. Bio-Drying of Biodegradable Waste for Use as Solid Fuel: A Sustainable Approach for Green Waste Management

By Mutala Mohammed, Augustine Donkor and Ismail Ozbay

Part of book: Agricultural Waste and Residues

4. Environmental Awareness and Education: A Key Approach to Solid Waste Management (SWM) – A Case Study of a University in Malaysia

By Asmawati Desa, Nor Ba’yah Abd Kadir and Fatimah Yusooff

Part of book: Waste Management - An Integrated Vision

5. The Management of Hazardous Waste in Developing Countries

By Daniel Mmereki, Adrew Baldwin, Liu Hong and Baizhan Li

Part of book: Management of Hazardous Wastes

6. Alternative Fuels in Cement Manufacturing

By Moses P.M. Chinyama

Part of book: Alternative Fuel

7. Mycoremediation in Soil

By Francesca Bosco and Chiara Mollea

Part of book: Environmental Chemistry and Recent Pollution Control Approaches

8. Introductory Chapter: Introduction to Hazardous Waste Management

By Hosam El-Din M. Saleh

Part of book: Management of Hazardous Wastes

9. Solid Waste in Agricultural Soils: An Approach Based on Environmental Principles, Human Health, and Food Security

By Cácio Luiz Boechat, Adriana Miranda de Santana Arauco, Rose Maria Duda, Antonny Francisco Sampaio de Sena, Manoel Emiliano Lopes de Souza and Ana Clecia Campos Brito

Part of book: Solid Waste Management in Rural Areas

10. Decentralization and Solid Waste Management in Urbanizing Ghana: Moving beyond the Status Quo

By Richard Kyere, Michael Addaney and Jonas Ayaribilla Akudugu

Part of book: Municipal Solid Waste Management