Power Engineering

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1. Biofouling and its Control in Seawater Cooled Power Plant Cooling Water System - A Review

By Kamala Kanta Satpathy, Ajit Kumar Mohanty, Gouri Sahu, Sudipta Biswas and Selvanayagam M.

Part of book: Nuclear Power

2. Power consumption Assessment in Wireless Sensor Networks

By Antonio Moschitta and Igor Neri

Part of book: ICT - Energy - Concepts Towards Zero - Power Information and Communication Technology

3. Network Methods for Analysis and Design of Resonant Wireless Power Transfer Systems

By Marco Dionigi, Alessandra Costanzo and Mauro Mongiardo

Part of book: Wireless Power Transfer - Principles and Engineering Explorations


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1. A Comprehensive Modeling and Simulation of Power Quality Disturbances Using MATLAB/SIMULINK

By Rodney H.G. Tan and Vigna K. Ramachandaramurthy

Part of book: Power Quality Issues in Distributed Generation

2. Wind Turbine Generator Technologies

By Wenping Cao, Ying Xie and Zheng Tan

Part of book: Advances in Wind Power

3. Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries: Electrochemical Engineering

By Sangwon Kim

Part of book: Energy Storage Devices

4. Low Speed Wind Turbine Design

By Horizon Gitano-Briggs

Part of book: Advances in Wind Power

5. Nuclear Naval Propulsion

By Magdi Ragheb

Part of book: Nuclear Power - Deployment, Operation and Sustainability

6. Power Electronics in Small Scale Wind Turbine Systems

By Mostafa Abarzadeh, Hossein Madadi Kojabadi and Liuchen Chang

Part of book: Advances in Wind Power

7. Calculation Methods for Thermoelectric Generator Performance

By Fuqiang Cheng

Part of book: Thermoelectrics for Power Generation - A Look at Trends in the Technology

8. Optimal Design and Operation Management of Battery-Based Energy Storage Systems (BESS) in Microgrids

By Amjad Anvari-Moghaddam, Jeremy Dulout, Corinne Alonso, Bruno Jammes and Josep M. Guerrero

Part of book: Advancements in Energy Storage Technologies

9. Bank Harmonic Filters Operation in Power Supply System – Cases Studies

By Ryszard Klempka, Zbigniew Hanzelka and Yuri Varetsky

Part of book: Power Quality Issues

10. Wind Turbine Power: The Betz Limit and Beyond

By Mahmoud Huleihil and Gedalya Mazor

Part of book: Advances in Wind Power