Control Theory

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1. Super-Twisting Sliding Mode in Motion Control Systems

By Jorge Rivera, Luis Garcia, Christian Mora, 0Juan J. Raygoza and Susana Ortega

Part of book: Sliding Mode Control

2. Almost Global Synchronization of Symmetric Kuramoto Coupled Oscillators

By Eduardo Canale and Pablo Monzon

Part of book: Systems Structure and Control

3. Sliding Mode Approach to Control Quadrotor Using Dynamic Inversion

By Abhijit Das, Frank L. Lewis and Kamesh Subbarao

Part of book: Challenges and Paradigms in Applied Robust Control


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1. An Assessment on the Non-Invasive Methods for Condition Monitoring of Induction Motors

By Muhammad Irfan, Nordin Saad, Rosdiazli Ibrahim, Vijanth S. Asirvadam, Abdullah S. Alwadie and Muhammad Aman Sheikh

Part of book: Fault Diagnosis and Detection

2. Dynamics-Based Vibration Signal Modeling for Tooth Fault Diagnosis of Planetary Gearboxes

By Xihui Liang, Ming J. Zuo and Wenhua Chen

Part of book: Fault Diagnosis and Detection

3. Discrete Time Sliding Mode Control

By Jagannath Samantaray and Sohom Chakrabarty

Part of book: Control Theory in Engineering

4. Detection and Analysis of Petroleum Equipment Faults

By Mihail Minescu and Ion Pana

Part of book: Fault Diagnosis and Detection

5. Adaptive Signal Decomposition Methods for Vibration Signals of Rotating Machinery

By Wei Guo and Ming J. Zuo

Part of book: Fault Diagnosis and Detection

6. Introduction to Robust Control Techniques

By Khaled Halbaoui, Djamel Boukhetala and Fares Boudjema

Part of book: Robust Control, Theory and Applications

7. Sliding Mode Control (SMC) of Image‐Based Visual Servoing for a 6DOF Manipulator

By Shutong Li, Ahmad Ghasemi, Wen‐Fang Xie and Yanbin Gao

Part of book: Recent Developments in Sliding Mode Control Theory and Applications

8. Process Monitoring Using Data-Based Fault Detection Techniques: Comparative Studies

By Mohammed Ziyan Sheriff, Chiranjivi Botre, Majdi Mansouri, Hazem Nounou, Mohamed Nounou and Mohammad Nazmul Karim

Part of book: Fault Diagnosis and Detection

9. Fault Detection and Isolation

By Rajamani Doraiswami and Lahouari Cheded

Part of book: Fault Diagnosis and Detection

10. Evaluation of Novelty Detection Methods for Condition Monitoring applied to an Electromechanical System

By Miguel Delgado Prieto, Jesús A. Cariño Corrales, Daniel Zurita Millán, Marta Millán Gonzalvez, Juan A. Ortega Redondo and René de J. Romero Troncoso

Part of book: Fault Diagnosis and Detection