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1. Bioinformatics Workflows for Genomic Variant Discovery, Interpretation and Prioritization

By Osman Ugur Sezerman, Ege Ulgen, Nogayhan Seymen and Ilknur Melis Durasi

Part of book: Bioinformatics Tools for Detection and Clinical Interpretation of Genomic Variations [Working Title]

2. Using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data-Based Documents to Optimize Medical Coding

By Joseph Noussa-Yao, Didier Heudes and Patrice Degoulet

Part of book: Machine Learning in Medicine and Biology [Working Title]

3. Alzheimer’s Disease Computer-Aided Diagnosis on Positron Emission Tomography Brain Images Using Image Processing Techniques

By Mouloud Adel, Imene Garali, Xiaoxi Pan, Caroline Fossati, Thierry Gaidon, Julien Wojak, Salah Bourennane and Eric Guedj

Part of book: Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedical Signal and Image Processing [Working Title]

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1. Superhydrophobicity, Learn from the Lotus Leaf

By Mengnan Qu, Jinmei He and Junyan Zhang

Part of book: Biomimetics Learning from Nature

2. Cell Signalling and Pathways Explained in Relation to Music and Musicians

By John T. Hancock

Part of book: Biomedical Science, Engineering and Technology

3. Hydrogels: Methods of Preparation, Characterisation and Applications

By Syed K. H. Gulrez, Saphwan Al-Assaf and Glyn O Phillips

Part of book: Progress in Molecular and Environmental Bioengineering - From Analysis and Modeling to Technology Applications

4. Active Contour Based Segmentation Techniques for Medical Image Analysis

By R.J. Hemalatha, T.R. Thamizhvani, A. Josephin Arockia Dhivya, Josline Elsa Joseph, Bincy Babu and R. Chandrasekaran

Part of book: Medical and Biological Image Analysis

5. Switchable and Reversible Superhydrophobic Surfaces: Part One

By Sabri Taleb, Thierry Darmanin and Frédéric Guittard

Part of book: Interdisciplinary Expansions in Engineering and Design With the Power of Biomimicry

6. Cryoprotectants and Their Usage in Cryopreservation Process

By Sankha Bhattacharya

Part of book: Cryopreservation Biotechnology in Biomedical and Biological Sciences

7. Biomimetic Facade Applications for a More Sustainable Future

By Ayça Tokuç, Fatma Feyzal Özkaban and Özge Andiç Çakır

Part of book: Interdisciplinary Expansions in Engineering and Design With the Power of Biomimicry

8. Digitizing Literacy: Reflections on the Haptics of Writing

By Anne Mangen and Jean-Luc Velay

Part of book: Advances in Haptics

9. Antibiotic Drug Delivery Systems for the Intracellular Targeting of Bacterial Pathogens

By Mariana Carmen Chifiriuc, Alina Maria Holban, Carmen Curutiu, Lia- Mara Ditu, Grigore Mihaescu, Alexandra Elena Oprea, Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu and Veronica Lazar

Part of book: Smart Drug Delivery System

10. Poly(Lactic Acid)-Based Biomaterials: Synthesis, Modification and Applications

By Lin Xiao, Bo Wang, Guang Yang and Mario Gauthier

Part of book: Biomedical Science, Engineering and Technology