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Most cited chapters in this category

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1. 2 µm Laser Sources and Their Possible Applications

By Karsten Scholle, Samir Lamrini, Philipp Koopmann and Peter Fuhrberg

Part of book: Frontiers in Guided Wave Optics and Optoelectronics

2. Polymer Dielectric Materials

By Zulkifli Ahmad

Part of book: Dielectric Material

3. Silicon Carbide: Synthesis and Properties

By Houyem Abderrazak and Emna Selmane Bel Hadj Hmida

Part of book: Properties and Applications of Silicon Carbide


Most downloaded chapters in this category in last 30 days

Chapter title
1. Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA) for 5G Networks

By Refik Caglar Kizilirmak

Part of book: Towards 5G Wireless Networks - A Physical Layer Perspective

2. Stable Higher-Charged Vortex Solitons in Optically-Induced Lattices

By Liangwei Dong and Huijun Li

Part of book: Optical Communication

3. Electrical Field Distribution along HVDC GIL Spacer in SF 6 /N 2 Gaseous Mixture

By Boxue Du, Jin Li and Hucheng Liang

Part of book: Electric Power Conversion

4. Power Device Loss Analysis of a High-Voltage High-Power Dual Active Bridge DC-DC Converter

By Thaiyal Naayagi Ramasamy

Part of book: Electric Power Conversion

5. Review on Optical Waveguides

By Shankar Kumar Selvaraja and Purnima Sethi

Part of book: Emerging Waveguide Technology

6. Perspectives on Dual-Purpose Smart Water Power Infrastructures for Households in Arid Regions

By Dana Alghool, Noora Al-Khalfan, Stabrag Attiya and Farayi Musharavati

Part of book: Electric Power Conversion

7. Bandwidth Enhancement Techniques

By Seyed Ali Razavi Parizi

Part of book: Trends in Research on Microstrip Antennas

8. The Sources Reconstruction Method for Antenna Diagnostics and Imaging Applications

By Yuri Álvarez, Fernando Las-Heras and Cebrián García

Part of book: Solutions and Applications of Scattering, Propagation, Radiation and Emission of Electromagnetic Waves

9. Microgrid Protection Systems

By Mylavarapu Ramamoorty and Suraparaju Venkata Naga Lakshmi Lalitha

Part of book: Micro-grids - Applications, Operation, Control and Protection

10. High Voltage Energy Harvesters

By Xi Sung Loo, Kiat Seng Yeo, Joel Yang, Chee Huei Lee, Rong Zhao and Moe Z. Win

Part of book: Advanced Electronic Circuits - Principles, Architectures and Applications on Emerging Technologies