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1. Mud Volcano and Its Evolution

By Bambang P. Istadi, Handoko T. Wibowo, Edy Sunardi, Soffian Hadi and Nurrochmat Sawolo

Part of book: Earth Sciences

2. Understanding and Modelling the Impact of Climate Change on Infectious Diseases – Progress and Future Challenges

By Paul E. Parham, Céline Christiansen-Jucht, Diane Pople and Edwin Michael

Part of book: Climate Change - Socioeconomic Effects

3. Climate Change Adaptation Strategies in Sub-Saharan Africa: Foundations for the Future

By P. J. M. Cooper, R. D. Stern, M. Noguer and J. M. Gathenya

Part of book: Climate Change - Realities, Impacts Over Ice Cap, Sea Level and Risks

4. Deciphering the Climate Change Conundrum in Zimbabwe: An Exposition

By Nelson Chanza and Veronica Gundu-Jakarasi

Part of book: Global Warming and Climate Change

5. Glaciers Shrinking in Nepal Himalaya

By Samjwal R. Bajracharya, Sudan B. Maharjan and Finu Shrestha

Part of book: Climate Change - Geophysical Foundations and Ecological Effects

6. Impacts of Climate Change on Animal Production and Quality of Animal Food Products

By László Babinszky, Veronika Halas and Martin W.A. Verstegen

Part of book: Climate Change - Socioeconomic Effects

7. Case Studies and Lessons Learned in Chemical Emergencies Related to Hurricanes

By Perri Zeitz Ruckart and Maureen F. Orr

Part of book: Recent Hurricane Research - Climate, Dynamics, and Societal Impacts

8. Influence of Greenhouse Gases to Global Warming on Account of Radiative Forcing

By Akira Tomizuka

Part of book: Global Warming - Causes, Impacts and Remedies

9. Heat-Transfer-Model Analysis of the Thermal Effect of Intrusive Sills on Organic-Rich Host Rocks in Sedimentary Basins

By Dayong Wang, Minglong Zhao and Tian Qi

Part of book: Earth Sciences

10. Climate Risk Assessment for Water Resources Development in the Niger River Basin Part I: Context and Climate Projections

By J. G. Grijsen, C. Brown, A. Tarhule, Y. B. Ghile, Ü. Taner, A. Talbi- Jordan, H. N. Doffou, A. Guero, R. Y. Dessouassi, S. Kone, B. Coulibaly and N. Harshadeep

Part of book: Climate Variability - Regional and Thematic Patterns