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  • Dermatologic Surgery and Procedures
    Dermatologic Surgery and Procedures NEW
    Edited by Pierre Vereecken
    ISBN 978-953-51-3852-5, Print ISBN 978-953-51-3851-8,
    Edited Volume
    234 pages, February, 2018
    This book is intended for dermatologists, skin surgeons, and general practitioners who are interested in skin surgery and cosmetic procedures. The topics of broad and current interest in shaping the practice nowadays have been selected by the editor, ...
  • Hair and Scalp Disorders
    Hair and Scalp Disorders
    Edited by Zekayi Kutlubay and Server Serdaroglu
    ISBN 978-953-51-3098-7, Print ISBN 978-953-51-3097-0,
    Edited Volume
    384 pages, May, 2017
    This textbook contains the latest advances and scientific knowledge from the leading experts in hair biology, hair disorders, and clinical trichology. The book consists of ten sections in which hair biology, hair genetics, hair diagnostics, hair loss ...
  • Acne and Acneiform Eruptions
    Acne and Acneiform Eruptions
    Edited by Selda Pelin Kartal and Muzeyyen Gonul
    ISBN 978-953-51-2990-5, Print ISBN 978-953-51-2989-9,
    Edited Volume
    220 pages, March, 2017
    The aim of this book is to give readers a broad review of acne vulgaris and acneiform dermatoses, which may affect people from birth to death, and their treatment options. This book has a total of 14 chapters. The "Introductory Review" chapter focuse ...
  • Skin Biopsy - Diagnosis and Treatment
    Skin Biopsy - Diagnosis and Treatment
    Edited by Suran L. Fernando
    ISBN 978-953-51-1173-3,
    Edited Volume
    184 pages, July, 2013
    Skin Biopsy - Diagnosis and Treatment is a collection of six chapters that includes an initial chapter on the site selection of a skin biopsy that optimizes diagnosis of various dermatological diseases and in many instances it is a therapeutic interv ...
  • Psoriasis - Types, Causes and Medication
    Psoriasis - Types, Causes and Medication
    Edited by Hermenio Lima
    ISBN 978-953-51-1065-1,
    Edited Volume
    190 pages, April, 2013
    By virtue of the dynamic nature of the scientific process, the description of the type, pathogenesis and treatment of a disease is always a work in progress. The complex nature of any disease can similarly be unveiled through understanding the histor ...
  • Current Genetics in Dermatology
    Current Genetics in Dermatology
    Edited by Naoki Oiso
    ISBN 978-953-51-0971-6,
    Edited Volume
    168 pages, February, 2013
    This book presents current topics in genetics in the dermatologic field. Various skin disorders are inherited as mendelian inheritance. Genetic skin disorders are caused by mutations in the genes encoding proteins expressing in skin, skin appendages, ...
  • Psoriasis - A Systemic Disease
    Psoriasis - A Systemic Disease
    Edited by Jose O'Daly
    ISBN 978-953-51-0281-6,
    Edited Volume
    226 pages, March, 2012
    The purpose of this book is to present a comprehensive analysis of Psoriasis, a disease that affects approximately 2-3% of humanity in all countries. Psoriasis existence is surveyed since the clay tablets of Assyrians and Babylonians 3.000-5.000 year ...
  • Atopic Dermatitis - Disease Etiology and Clinical Management
    Atopic Dermatitis - Disease Etiology and Clinical Management
    Edited by Jorge Esparza-Gordillo and Itaru Dekio
    ISBN 978-953-51-0110-9,
    Edited Volume
    414 pages, February, 2012
    Atopic Dermatitis is a common disease characterized by inflamed, itching and dry skin. This relapsing allergic disorder has complex etiology and shows a remarkably high clinical heterogeneity which complicates the diagnosis and clinical management. T ...