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1. Severe Drug-Induced Skin Reactions: Clinical Pattern, Diagnostics and Therapy

By Mirjana Ziemer and Maja Mockenhaupt

Part of book: Skin Biopsy - Perspectives

2. Pathogenesis of Psoriasis: The Role of Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines Produced by Keratinocytes

By Anna Balato, Nicola Balato, Matteo Megna, Maria Schiattarella, Serena Lembo and Fabio Ayala

Part of book: Psoriasis

3. Nail Psoriasis

By Eckart Haneke

Part of book: Psoriasis


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1. Anatomy and Physiology of Hair

By Bilgen Erdoğan

Part of book: Hair and Scalp Disorders

2. Keloids and Hypertrophic Scars Can Now Be Treated Completely by Multimodal Therapy, Including Surgery, Followed by Radiation and Corticosteroid Tape/Plaster

By Rei Ogawa

Part of book: Scars

3. Drug-Induced Acneiform Eruptions

By Emin Özlü and Ayşe Serap Karadağ

Part of book: Acne and Acneiform Eruptions

4. Psychosocial Aspects of Hair Loss

By Hilal Gokalp

Part of book: Hair and Scalp Disorders

5. Scalp Biopsy and Diagnosis of Common Hair Loss Problems

By Khitam Al-refu

Part of book: Skin Biopsy - Diagnosis and Treatment

6. Cicatricial Alopecia

By Yingjun Su, Qing Yang, Wenjie Dou, Ping Xue, Xianjie Ma, Xianhui Zeng, Lei Wang and Chiyu Jia

Part of book: Alopecia

7. Evaluation of Patients with Alopecia

By Meda Sandra Orasan, Andrei Coneac and Iulia Ioana Roman

Part of book: Alopecia

8. Pemphigus: Subtypes, Clinical Features, Diagnosis, and Treatment

By Arzu Kilic

Part of book: Autoimmune Bullous Diseases

9. Wound Care in Immunobullous Disease

By Emily Nadelmann and Annette Czernik

Part of book: Autoimmune Bullous Diseases

10. Pharmacological Treatment of Alopecia

By Robert Gensure

Part of book: Alopecia