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1. Analysis of Network Protocols: The Ability of Concealing the Information

By Anton Noskov

Part of book: Computer and Network Security [Working Title]

2. Multifactor Authentication Methods: A Framework for Their Comparison and Selection

By Ignacio Velásquez, Angélica Caro and Alfonso Rodríguez

Part of book: Computer and Network Security [Working Title]

3. Security in Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs)

By Rajeev Singh and Teek Parval Sharma

Part of book: Computer and Network Security [Working Title]

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Chapter title
1. Overview of Wireless Sensor Network

By M.A. Matin and M.M. Islam

Part of book: Wireless Sensor Networks - Technology and Protocols

2. Smart Home Systems Based on Internet of Things

By Menachem Domb

Part of book: Internet of Things (IoT) for Automated and Smart Applications

3. From Pillars to AI Technology-Based Forest Fire Protection Systems

By Nikos Aspragathos, Eleftherios Dogkas, Pavlos Konstantinidis, Panagiotis Koutmos, Nefeli Lamprinou, Vassilis C. Moulianitis, Georgios Paterakis, Emmanouil Ζ. Psarakis, Evangelos Sartinas, Konstantinos Souflas, Georgios Thanellas, Georgios Tsiourlis, Nikitas Xanthopoulos and Panteleimon Xofis

Part of book: Intelligent System and Computing

4. Efficient Depth Estimation Using Sparse Stereo-Vision with Other Perception Techniques

By Satyarth Praveen

Part of book: Coding Theory

5. An Overview of Wireless Mesh Networks

By J. Rejina Parvin

Part of book: Wireless Mesh Networks - Security, Architectures and Protocols

6. Coplanar-Microstrip Transitions for Ultra-Wideband Communications

By Mohammed El-Gibari, Dominique Averty, Cyril Lupi, Yann Mahé Hongwu Li and Serge Toutain

Part of book: Ultra Wideband Communications: Novel Trends - Antennas and Propagation

7. Advance Intelligent Video Surveillance System (AIVSS): A Future Aspect

By Mritunjay Rai, Agha Asim Husain, Tanmoy Maity and Ravindra Kumar Yadav

Part of book: Intelligent Video Surveillance

8. Introduction to Quantum Cryptography

By Xiaoqing Tan

Part of book: Theory and Practice of Cryptography and Network Security Protocols and Technologies

9. MANET Network in Internet of Things System

By Rasa Bruzgiene, Lina Narbutaite and Tomas Adomkus

Part of book: Ad Hoc Networks

10. Video Surveillance-Based Intelligent Traffic Management in Smart Cities

By Fozia Mehboob, Muhammad Abbas, Abdul Rauf, Shoab A. Khan and Richard Jiang

Part of book: Intelligent Video Surveillance