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1. A Concept for Isles of Automation

By Mikko Sallinen and Tapio Heikkila

Part of book: Robot Manipulators

2. Kinematic Calibration of Articulated Arm Coordinate Measuring Machines and Robot Arms Using Passive and Active Self-Centering Probes and Multipose Optimization Algorithm Based in Point and Length Constrains

By Jorge Santolaria and Juan Jose Aguilar

Part of book: Robot Manipulators

3. RoCKIn Benchmarking and Scoring System

By Giulio Fontana, Matteo Matteucci, Francesco Amigoni, Viola Schiaffonati, Andrea Bonarini and Pedro U. Lima

Part of book: RoCKIn

4. On Designing Compliant Actuators Based On Dielectric Elastomers for Robotic Applications

By Giovanni Berselli, Gabriele Vassura, Vincenzo Parenti Castelli and Rocco Vertechy

Part of book: Robot Manipulators

5. Trajectory Tracking Control for Robot Manipulators with no Velocity Measurement Using Semi-Globally and Globally Asymptotically Stable Velocity Observers

By Farah Bouakrif

Part of book: Robot Manipulators

6. RoCKIn: Impact on Future Markets for Robotics

By Rainer Bischoff and Tim Friedrich

Part of book: RoCKIn

7. Desktop Cartesian-Type Robot with Abilities of Compliant Motion and Stick-Slip Motion

By Fusaomi Nagata, Shintaro Tani and Takanori Mizobuchi, Tetsuo Hase, Zenku Haga and Keigo Watanabe

Part of book: Robot Manipulators

8. Development of Adaptive Learning Control Algorithm for a Two-Degree-of-Freedom Serial Ball And Socket Actuator

By Hayder M. A. A. Al-Assadi and Ahmed Jaffar

Part of book: Robot Manipulators

9. Foreword: The Impact of RoCKIn on Robotics

By Alessandro Saffiotti and Tijn van der Zant

Part of book: RoCKIn

10. A Sensor Classification Strategy for Robotic Manipulators

By Miguel F. M. Lima, J. A. Tenreiro Machado and Antonio Ferrolho

Part of book: Robot Manipulators