Chemical Biology

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1. Lipid Peroxidation: Chemical Mechanism, Biological Implications and Analytical Determination

By Marisa Repetto, Jimena Semprine and Alberto Boveris

Part of book: Lipid Peroxidation

2. Algal Polysaccharides, Novel Applications and Outlook

By Stefan Kraan

Part of book: Carbohydrates

3. Dehydrogenase Activity in the Soil Environment

By Agnieszka Wolińska and Zofia Stępniewska

Part of book: Dehydrogenases


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1. Biochemical Isolation and Identification of Mycobacteria

By Wellman Ribón

Part of book: Biochemical Testing

2. Recent Advances and Applications of Transgenic Animal Technology

By Xiangyang Miao

Part of book: Polymerase Chain Reaction

3. Nutritional Modulations Used to Translate a Rabbit Model of Atherosclerosis — A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

By Isaac Karimi, Danial Naseri and Ferdous Karimizand

Part of book: Lipoproteins

4. Maillard Reaction in Milk - Effect of Heat Treatment

By Tomoko Shimamura and Hiroyuki Ukeda

Part of book: Milk Protein

5. Resistant Dextrins as Prebiotic

By Katarzyna Śliżewska, Janusz Kapuśniak, Renata Barczyńska and Kamila Jochym

Part of book: Carbohydrates

6. Affinity Chromatography: Principles and Applications

By Sameh Magdeldin and Annette Moser

Part of book: Affinity Chromatography

7. A Critical Review of Trypsin Digestion for LC-MS Based Proteomics

By Hanne Kolsrud Hustoft, Helle Malerod, Steven Ray Wilson, Leon Reubsaet, Elsa Lundanes and Tyge Greibrokk

Part of book: Integrative Proteomics

8. Bioinformatics for RNA‐Seq Data Analysis

By Shanrong Zhao, Baohong Zhang, Ying Zhang, William Gordon, Sarah Du, Theresa Paradis, Michael Vincent and David von Schack

Part of book: Bioinformatics

9. Labeling Methods in Mass Spectrometry Based Quantitative Proteomics

By Karen A. Sap and Jeroen A. A. Demmers

Part of book: Integrative Proteomics

10. Biological Applications of Plants and Algae Lectins: An Overview

By Edson Holanda Teixeira, Francisco Vassiliepe Sousa Arruda, Kyria Santiago do Nascimento, Victor Alves Carneiro, Celso Shiniti Nagano, Bruno Rocha da Silva, Alexandre Holanda Sampaio and Benildo Sousa Cavada

Part of book: Carbohydrates