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1. Lipid Peroxidation: Chemical Mechanism, Biological Implications and Analytical Determination

By Marisa Repetto, Jimena Semprine and Alberto Boveris

Part of book: Lipid Peroxidation

2. Algal Polysaccharides, Novel Applications and Outlook

By Stefan Kraan

Part of book: Carbohydrates

3. Dehydrogenase Activity in the Soil Environment

By Agnieszka Wolińska and Zofia Stępniewska

Part of book: Dehydrogenases


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1. Influence of Soluble Feed Proteins and Clay Additive Charge Density on Aflatoxin Binding in Ingested Feeds

By William F. Jaynes and Richard E. Zartman

Part of book: Aflatoxins

2. Structure-Functional Insight Into Transmembrane Helix Dimerization

By Eduard V. Bocharov, Konstantin V. Pavlov, Pavel E. Volynsky, Roman G. Efremov and Alexander S. Arseniev

Part of book: Protein Engineering

3. Molecular Evolution Within Protease Family C2, or Calpains

By Liudmila Lysenko and Nina Nemova

Part of book: Protein Engineering

4. Applications of Bioinformatics and Experimental Methods to Intrinsic Disorder-Based Protein-Protein Interactions

By Xiaolin Sun, William T. Jones and Vladimir N. Uversky

Part of book: Protein Engineering

5. Protein Engineering with Non-Natural Amino Acids

By Aijun Wang, Natalie Winblade Nairn, Marcello Marelli and Kenneth Grabstein

Part of book: Protein Engineering

6. Affinity Chromatography for Purification of IgG from Human Plasma

By Lucia Hofbauer, Leopold Bruckschwaiger, Harald Arno Butterweck and Wolfgang Teschner

Part of book: Affinity Chromatography

7. Polyhistidine Affinity Chromatography for Purification and Biochemical Analysis of Fungal Cell Wall-Degrading Enzymes

By Takumi Takeda

Part of book: Affinity Chromatography

8. The Value of Fungal Protease Inhibitors in Affinity Chromatography

By Jerica Sabotič, Katarina Koruza, Boštjan Gabor, Matjaž Peterka, Miloš Barut, Janko Kos and Jože Brzin

Part of book: Affinity Chromatography

9. Simple Preparation of New Potential Bioactive Nitrogen-Containing Molecules and Their Spectroscopy Analysis

By Vladimir V. Kouznetsov, Carlos E. Puerto Galvis, Leonor Y. Vargas Méndez and Carlos M. Meléndez Gómez

Part of book: Chromatography and Its Applications

10. Sirtuin-Dependent Metabolic Control and Its Role in the Aging Process

By Sara Santa-Cruz Calvo, Plácido Navas and Guillermo López-Lluch

Part of book: Bioenergetics

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