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1. Design and Application of Piezoelectric Stacks in Level Sensors

By Andrzej Buchacz and Andrzej Wróbel

Part of book: Piezoelectric Materials and Devices

2. Piezoelectric Ceramic Applications: Micromixing in Biology and Medicine

By Sajin M., Craciunoiu F., Moisin A.M., Dumitru A.I., Petrescu D., Raluca G., Bunea A.C., Sajin G.I.

Part of book: Piezoelectric Ceramics

3. Properties of Injection Molded High Density Polyethylene Nanocomposites Filled with Exfoliated Graphene Nanoplatelets

By Xian Jiang and Lawrence T. Drzal

Part of book: Some Critical Issues for Injection Molding

4. On the Use of Photothermal Techniques as a Tool to Characterize Ceramic-Metal Materials

By F. A. L. Machado, M. Filgueira, R. T. Faria Jr. and H. Vargas

Part of book: Advances in Ceramics

5. Marine-Based Carbon and Silicon Carbide Scaffolds with Patterned Surface for Tissue Engineering Applications

By Miriam López-Álvarez, Julia Serra, Alejandro de Carlos and Pío González

Part of book: Advances in Ceramics

6. Surface Quality Controls Mechanical Strength and Fatigue Lifetime of Dental Ceramics and Resin Composites.

By Ulrich Lohbauer, Roland Frankenberger and Norbert Krämer

Part of book: Ceramic Materials

7. Piezoelectric-Layered Structures Based on Synthetic Diamond

By Boris P. Sorokin, Gennady M. Kvashnin, Arsenii V. Telichko, Sergey I. Burkov and Vladimir D. Blank

Part of book: Piezoelectric Materials

8. Wick Debinding - An Effective Way of Solving Problems in the Debinding Process of Powder Injection Molding

By Lovro Gorjan

Part of book: Some Critical Issues for Injection Molding

9. Polymer Based Nanodielectric Composites

By Daniel Tan and Patricia Irwin

Part of book: Advances in Ceramics

10. Structural, Morphological, Magneto-Transport and Thermal Properties of Antimony Substituted (La,Pr)2/3Ba1/3Mn1-xSbxO3 Perovskite Manganites

By Neeraj Panwar, Indrani Coondoo, Vikram Sen and S. K. Agarwal

Part of book: Advances in Ceramics