Cellular Physiology

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1. Brain Energy Metabolism in Health and Disease

By Felipe A. Beltrán, Aníbal I. Acuña, María Paz Miró and Maite A. Castro

Part of book: Neuroscience

2. The Neurochemical Anatomy of Trigeminal Primary Afferent Neurons

By Nikolai E. Lazarov

Part of book: Neuroscience

3. Molecular Mechanisms in Synaptic Plasticity

By M. Mayadevi, G.M. Archana, Ramya R. Prabhu and R.V. Omkumar

Part of book: Neuroscience


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1. The Contribution of the Amygdala to Reward-Related Learning and Extinction

By Rose Chesworth and Laura Corbit

Part of book: The Amygdala

2. Assessment of Brain Monoaminergic Signaling Through Mathematical Modeling of Skin Conductance Response

By Saša Branković

Part of book: Neuroscience

3. Fatty Acids and Emotional Behavior

By Carlos M. Contreras, Ana G. Gutiérrez-García and Diana Idania Vásquez-Hernández

Part of book: Neuroscience

4. β-Endorphin and Alcoholism

By Sarah M. Barry and Judith E. Grisel

Part of book: Neuroscience

5. The Role of Delta Opioid Receptors in Ethanol Consumption and Seeking: Implications for New Treatments for Alcohol Use Disorders

By Carsten K. Nielsen and Selena E. Bartlett

Part of book: Neuroscience

6. Activity-Dependent Regulation of the Dopamine Phenotype in the Adult Substantia Nigra: Prospects for Treating Parkinson's Disease

By Mal Horne, Kate Lord and Tim Aumann

Part of book: Neuroscience

7. The Mystery of P2X7 Ionotropic Receptor: From a Small Conductance Channel to a Large Conductance Channel

By R.X. Faria, L.G.B. Ferreira and L.A. Alves

Part of book: Neuroscience

8. Transforming Growth Factor Beta in the Central Nervous System

By Arpád Dobolyi

Part of book: Neuroscience

9. Normal and Physio-Pathological Striatal Dopamine Homeostasis

By Vincent Leviel, Alain Gobert, Valérie Olivier, Christine Dentresangle, Wadad Hassoun and Kwamivi Dzahini

Part of book: Neuroscience

10. Neurochemistry in the Pathophysiology of Septic Encephalopathy

By Yukio Imamura, Huan Wang, Naoya Matsumoto, Hiroshi Ogura, Takeshi Shimazu, Takashi Jin and Akitoshi Seiyama

Part of book: Neuroscience