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1. The Immune Response in In Situ Tissue Engineering of Aortic Heart Valves

By S. L. M. van Loon, A. I. P. M. Smits, A. Driessen-Mol, F. P. T. Baaijens and C. V. C. Bouten

Part of book: Calcific Aortic Valve Disease

2. Role of Oxidized LDL in Atherosclerosis

By E. Leiva, S. Wehinger, L. Guzmán and R. Orrego

Part of book: Hypercholesterolemia

3. Remote Monitoring in Patients with Pacemakers and Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillators: New Perspectives for Complex Therapeutic Management

By Axel Müller, Thomas M. Helms, Hans-Jürgen Wildau, Jörg Otto Schwab and Christian Zugck

Part of book: Modern Pacemakers - Present and Future


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1. Prevalence of Dyslipidemia and Goal Attainment with Lipid-Lowering Therapy: Insights from Thai Multicenter Study and Overview of the Major Guidelines

By Songkwan Silaruks, Charn Sriratanasathavorn, Petch Rawdaree, Rapeephon Kunjara-Na-Ayudhaya, Bandit Thinkhamrop and Piyamitr Sritara

Part of book: Dyslipidemia

2. Intensive Care Management in Cerebral Aneurysm and Arteriovenous Malformations

By Sedef Tavukçu Özkan

Part of book: Vascular Malformations of the Central Nervous System

3. Drug Induced Cardiotoxicity: Mechanism, Prevention and Management

By Mina T. Kelleni and Mahrous Abdelbasset

Part of book: Cardiotoxicity

4. Epidemiology of Myocardial Infarction

By Joshua Chadwick Jayaraj, Karapet Davatyan, S.S. Subramanian and Jemmi Priya

Part of book: Myocardial Infarction

5. Basics of Angiography for Peripheral Artery Disease

By Yoshiaki Yokoi

Part of book: Angiography and Endovascular Therapy for Peripheral Artery Disease

6. Doxorubicin-Induced Cardiotoxicity: From Mechanisms to Development of Efficient Therapy

By Danúbia Silva dos Santos and Regina Coeli dos Santos Goldenberg

Part of book: Cardiotoxicity

7. Saphenous Vein Conduit in Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery — Patency Rates and Proposed Mechanisms for Failure

By Maseeha S. Khaleel, Tracy A. Dorheim, Michael J. Duryee, Geoffrey M. Thiele and Daniel R. Anderson

Part of book: Artery Bypass

8. Speckle-Tracking Imaging, Principles and Clinical Applications: A Review for Clinical Cardiologists

By Iacopo Fabiani, Nicola Riccardo Pugliese, Veronica Santini, Lorenzo Conte and Vitantonio Di Bello

Part of book: Echocardiography in Heart Failure and Cardiac Electrophysiology

9. Non-ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction: Diagnosis and Management

By Yaser Al Ahmad and Mohammed T. Ali

Part of book: Myocardial Infarction

10. Stent’s Manufacturing Field: Past, Present, and Future Prospects

By Antonio J. Guerra and Joaquim Ciurana

Part of book: Angiography