Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine

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Online First chapter releases in this category

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1. Introductory Chapter: Cardiac Disease: Plague in the Modern World

By Ozgur Karcıoglu

Part of book: Cardiac Diseases in 21st Century [Working Title]

2. The Importance of Lead Positioning to Improve Clinical Outcomes in Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy

By Mirela-Anca Stoia, Sabina Istratoaie, Sorin Pop, Florin Anton, Sorin Crisan and Dan Blendea

Part of book: Cardiac Diseases in 21st Century [Working Title]

3. Waveform Capnography for Monitoring Ventilation during Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation: The Problem of Chest Compression Artifact

By Mikel Leturiondo, Sofía Ruiz de Gauna, José Julio Gutiérrez, Digna M. González-Otero, Jesus M. Ruiz, Luis A. Leturiondo and Purificación Saiz

Part of book: Cardiac Diseases in 21st Century [Working Title]

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Most cited chapters in this category

Chapter titleDownloads
1. The Immune Response in In Situ Tissue Engineering of Aortic Heart Valves

By S. L. M. van Loon, A. I. P. M. Smits, A. Driessen-Mol, F. P. T. Baaijens and C. V. C. Bouten

Part of book: Calcific Aortic Valve Disease

2. Pharmacology of Arterial Grafts for Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

By Oguzhan Yildiz, Melik Seyrek and Husamettin Gul

Part of book: Artery Bypass

3. Non Contact Heart Monitoring

By Lorenzo Scalise

Part of book: Advances in Electrocardiograms - Methods and Analysis


Most downloaded chapters in this category in last 30 days

Chapter title
1. Bradycardia Secondary to Cervical Spinal Cord Injury

By Farid Sadaka and Christopher Veremakis

Part of book: Cardiac Arrhythmias - New Considerations

2. Epidemiology of Myocardial Infarction

By Joshua Chadwick Jayaraj, Karapet Davatyan, S.S. Subramanian and Jemmi Priya

Part of book: Myocardial Infarction

3. Dedicated Bifurcation Stents

By Ivo Petrov, Iveta Tasheva, Jivka Stoykova, Liubomir Dosev, Zoran Stankov and Petar Polomski

Part of book: Angiography

4. Advanced Echocardiography for the Diagnosis and Management of Infective Endocarditis

By John F. Sedgwick and Gregory M. Scalia

Part of book: Contemporary Challenges in Endocarditis

5. Atrial Flutter — Diagnosis, Management and Treatment

By Shameer Ahmed, Andrew Claughton and Paul A. Gould

Part of book: Abnormal Heart Rhythms

6. Speckle-Tracking Imaging, Principles and Clinical Applications: A Review for Clinical Cardiologists

By Iacopo Fabiani, Nicola Riccardo Pugliese, Veronica Santini, Lorenzo Conte and Vitantonio Di Bello

Part of book: Echocardiography in Heart Failure and Cardiac Electrophysiology

7. Stent’s Manufacturing Field: Past, Present, and Future Prospects

By Antonio J. Guerra and Joaquim Ciurana

Part of book: Angiography

8. Electromagnetic Interference of the Pacemakers

By Umashankar Lakshmanadoss, Priya Chinnachamy and James P Daubert

Part of book: Modern Pacemakers - Present and Future

9. Techniques of Permanent Pacemaker Implantation

By Majid Haghjoo

Part of book: Current Issues and Recent Advances in Pacemaker Therapy

10. Procedural Techniques of Coronary Angiography

By Jasmin Čaluk

Part of book: Advances in the Diagnosis of Coronary Atherosclerosis