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1. Mapping is a Key for Sustainable Development of Coastal Waters: Examples of Seagrass Beds and Aquaculture Facilities in Japan with Use of ALOS Images

By Teruhisa Komatsu, Tatsuyuki Sagawa, Shuhei Sawayama, Hideaki Tanoue, Akihiko Mohri and Yoshihiko Sakanishi

Part of book: Sustainable Development

2. Drilling Fluid Technology: Performances and Environmental Considerations

By Mohamed Khodja, Malika Khodja-Saber, Jean Paul Canselier, Nathalie Cohaut and Faïza Bergaya

Part of book: Products and Services

3. The Role and Importance of Cultural Tourism in Modern Tourism Industry

By Janos Csapo

Part of book: Strategies for Tourism Industry


Most downloaded chapters in this category in last 30 days

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1. Determinants of Established Entrepreneurs’ Innovative Activity in Northern and Western Europe

By Karin Širec and Dijana Močnik

Part of book: Entrepreneurship

2. Globalization and Human Development: The Experience of Cuba

By Miguel Márquez, Blanca Munster Infante and Camilo Márquez Cerezo

Part of book: Globalization and Responsibility

3. Ethnographic Field Notes and Reflexivity

By Päivi Eriksson, Elina Henttonen and Susan Meriläinen

Part of book: An Ethnography of Global Landscapes and Corridors

4. Written Reminiscences and Media Ethnography: Television Creating Worldview

By Jukka Kortti

Part of book: An Ethnography of Global Landscapes and Corridors

5. Does Romania Have a Chance to Join the Innovation Driven Economy?

By Alexandru Borcea and Rosemari Fuica

Part of book: Entrepreneurship

6. Higher Education, Entrepreneurship and Learning by Practice: Collaborative Work from the Stakeholders’ Point of View

By Ana Paula Marques

Part of book: Entrepreneurship

7. Social Physics: An Interdisciplinary Way to Explore the Mechanism of Public Opinion

By Yijun Liu and Wenyuan Niu

Part of book: Theoretical and Methodological Approaches to Social Sciences and Knowledge Management

8. Informal Learning Amongst Pediatric Rehabilitation Teams - An Ethnography of Tea-Room Talk

By Cynthia Hunter and Adam Scheinberg

Part of book: An Ethnography of Global Landscapes and Corridors

9. International Entrepreneurship in an Emerging Economy

By Sonia K. Guimarães

Part of book: Entrepreneurship

10. Welfare Dependency Among Immigrants to Norway: A Panel Data Study of Transfer Shares

By Tom Kornstad and Terje Skjerpen

Part of book: Immigration and Development