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1. Collagen- vs. Gelatine-Based Biomaterials and Their Biocompatibility: Review and Perspectives

By Selestina Gorgieva and Vanja Kokol

Part of book: Biomaterials

2. Biofabrication of Tissue Scaffolds

By Ning Zhu and Xiongbiao Chen

Part of book: Advances in Biomaterials Science and Biomedical Applications

3. Characterization and Properties of Chitosan

By Elson Santiago de Alvarenga

Part of book: Biotechnology of Biopolymers


Most downloaded chapters in this category in last 30 days

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1. Comparative Metal Ion Binding to Native and Chemically Modified Datura innoxia Immobilized Biomaterials

By Gary D. Rayson and Patrick A. Williams

Part of book: Biomaterials

2. Bacterial Type II PMIs: Exploitable Bifunctional Enzymes for Biotechnological Applications and the Rational Design of Antimicrobials

By Sílvia Sousa, Christian Ramos, Joana Feliciano and Jorge Leitão

Part of book: Biopolymers

3. Development of DNA Based Active Macro–Materials for Biology and Medicine: A Review

By Frank Xue Jiang, Bernard Yurke, Devendra Verma, Michelle Previtera, Rene Schloss and Noshir A. Langrana

Part of book: Biomaterials Science and Engineering

4. Plasma Sprayed Bioceramic Coatings on Ti-Based Substrates: Methods for Investigation of Their Crystallographic Structures and Mechanical Properties

By Ivanka Iordanova, Vladislav Antonov, Christoph M. Sprecher, Hristo K. Skulev and Boyko Gueorguiev

Part of book: Advanced Plasma Spray Applications

5. Advanced Techniques in TEM Specimen Preparation

By Jian Li

Part of book: The Transmission Electron Microscope

6. In Silico Study of Hydroxyapatite and Bioglass®: How Computational Science Sheds Light on Biomaterials

By Marta Corno, Fabio Chiatti, Alfonso Pedone and Piero Ugliengo

Part of book: Biomaterials

7. Fabrication and Antibacterial Performance of Graded Nano–Composite Biomaterials

By Anping Xu and Dongbin Zhu

Part of book: Biomaterials Science and Engineering

8. Dental Pulp Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering Strategies for Clinical Application on Odontoiatric Field

By Zavan Barbara, Bressan Eriberto, Sivolella Stefano, Brunello Giulia, Gardin Chiara, Nadia Ferrarese, Ferroni Letizia and Stellini Edoardo

Part of book: Biomaterials Science and Engineering

9. Poly(Lactic Acid) as a Biopolymer-Based Nano-Composite

By Emad A. Jaffar Al-Mulla and Nor Azowa Bt Ibrahim

Part of book: Products and Applications of Biopolymers

10. Role of Biopolymers in Green Nanotechnology

By Sonal I. Thakore

Part of book: Products and Applications of Biopolymers