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1. PRAP-CVD: A Novel Technique to Deposit Intrinsically Conductive Polymers

By Bianca Rita Pistillo, Kevin Menguelti, Didier Arl, Renaud Leturcq and Damien Lenoble

Part of book: Polymerization

2. Collagen- vs. Gelatine-Based Biomaterials and Their Biocompatibility: Review and Perspectives

By Selestina Gorgieva and Vanja Kokol

Part of book: Biomaterials

3. Ring Opening Metathesis Polymerization

By Alexey Lyapkov, Stanislav Kiselev, Galina Bozhenkova, Olga Kukurina, Mekhman Yusubov and Francis Verpoort

Part of book: Polymerization

4. Gum Arabic: More Than an Edible Emulsifier

By Mariana A. Montenegro, María L. Boiero, Lorena Valle and Claudio D. Borsarelli

Part of book: Products and Applications of Biopolymers

5. Biotechnological Production and Application of Hyaluronan

By Chiara Schiraldi, Annalisa La Gatta and Mario De Rosa

Part of book: Biopolymers

6. Pharmaceutically Used Plasticizers

By Eva Snejdrova and Milan Dittrich

Part of book: Recent Advances in Plasticizers

7. Characterization and Properties of Chitosan

By Elson Santiago de Alvarenga

Part of book: Biotechnology of Biopolymers

8. Thermal Sprayed Coatings Used Against Corrosion and Corrosive Wear

By P. Fauchais and A. Vardelle

Part of book: Advanced Plasma Spray Applications

9. Production of Fungal Chitosan by Enzymatic Method and Applications in Plant Tissue Culture and Tissue Engineering: 11 Years of Our Progress, Present Situation and Future Prospects

By Nitar Nwe, Tetsuya Furuike and Hiroshi Tamura

Part of book: Biopolymers

10. Thermodynamics of the Heart

By Uehara, Mituo and Sakane, Kumiko Koibuchi

Part of book: Application of Thermodynamics to Biological and Materials Science