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1. Making Green Polymers Even Greener:Towards Sustainable Production of Polyhydroxyalkanoates from Agroindustrial By-Products

By José G. C. Gomez, Beatriz S. Méndez, Pablo I. Nikel, M. Julia Pettinari, María A. Prieto and Luiziana F. Silva

Part of book: Advances in Applied Biotechnology

2. Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis (DGGE) in Microbial Ecology - Insights from Freshwaters

By Sofia Duarte, Fernanda Cassio and Claudia Pascoal

Part of book: Gel Electrophoresis

3. Interplay Between Oxidative and Carbonyl Stresses: Molecular Mechanisms, Biological Effects and Therapeutic Strategies of Protection

By Halyna M. Semchyshyn and Volodymyr I. Lushchak

Part of book: Oxidative Stress


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1. Molecular Electrophoretic Technique for Authentication of the Fish Genetic Diversity

By Tsai-Hsin Chiu, Yi-Cheng Su, Hui-Chiu Lin and Chung-Kang Hsu

Part of book: Gel Electrophoresis

2. Paraoxonase: A New Biochemical Marker of Oxidant-Antioxidant Status in Atherosclerosis

By Tünay Kontaş Aşkar and Olga Büyükleblebici

Part of book: Oxidative Stress

3. The Bumpy Path Towards Knowledge Convergence for Pro-Poor Agro-Biotechnology Regulation and Development: Exploring Kenya’s Regulatory Process

By Ann Njoki Kingiri

Part of book: Biotechnology

4. Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis an Important Tool for the Detection and Analysis of Enzymatic Activities by Electrophoretic Zymograms

By Reyna Lucero Camacho Morales, Vanesa Zazueta-Novoa, Carlos A. Leal-Morales, Alberto Flores Martínez, Patricia Ponce Noyola and Roberto Zazueta-Sandoval

Part of book: Gel Electrophoresis

5. Iron, Oxidative Stress and Health

By Shobha Udipi, Padmini Ghugre and Chanda Gokhale

Part of book: Oxidative Stress

6. Effects of Oxidative Stress and Antenatal Corticosteroids on the Pulmonary Expression of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) and Alveolarization

By Ana Remesal, Laura San Feliciano and Dolores Ludena

Part of book: Oxidative Stress

7. Signalling Oxidative Stress in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

By Maria Angeles de la Torre-Ruiz, Luis Serrano, Mima I. Petkova and Nuria Pujol-Carrion

Part of book: Oxidative Stress

8. Structural and Activity Changes in Renal Betaine Aldehyde Dehydrogenase Caused by Oxidants

By Jesús A. Rosas-Rodríguez, Hilda F. Flores-Mendoza, Ciria G. Figueroa-Soto, Edgar F. Morán-Palacio and Elisa M. Valenzuela-Soto

Part of book: Oxidative Stress

9. Role of the Yap Family in the Transcriptional Response to Oxidative Stress in Yeasts

By Christel Goudot, Frédéric Devaux and Gaëlle Lelandais

Part of book: Oxidative Stress

10. The Yeast Genes ROX1, IXR1, SKY1 and Their Effect upon Enzymatic Activities Related to Oxidative Stress

By Ana García Leiro, Silvia Rodríguez Lombardero, Ángel Vizoso Vázquez, M. Isabel González Siso and M. Esperanza Cerdán

Part of book: Oxidative Stress