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  • Open Questions in Cosmology
    Open Questions in Cosmology
    Edited by Gonzalo J. Olmo
    ISBN 978-953-51-0880-1,
    Edited Volume
    342 pages, November, 2012
    In the last years we have witnessed how the field of Cosmology has experienced a metamorphosis. From being essentially the search for three numbers (the expansion rate, the deceleration parameter, and the cosmological constant), it has become a preci ...
  • Astrophysics
    Edited by Ibrahim Kucuk
    ISBN 978-953-51-0473-5,
    Edited Volume
    408 pages, March, 2012
    This book provides readers with a clear progress to theoretical and observational astrophysics. It is not surprising that astrophysics is continually growing because very sophisticated telescopes are being developed and they bring the universe closer ...
  • Space Science
    Space Science
    Edited by Herman J. Mosquera Cuesta
    ISBN 978-953-51-0423-0,
    Edited Volume
    168 pages, March, 2012
    The all-encompassing term Space Science was coined to describe all of the various fields of research in science: Physics and astronomy, aerospace engineering and spacecraft technologies, advanced computing and radio communication systems, that are co ...
  • Exploring the Solar Wind
    Exploring the Solar Wind badge badge
    Edited by Marian Lazar
    ISBN 978-953-51-0339-4,
    Edited Volume
    474 pages, March, 2012
    This book consists of a selection of original papers of the leading scientists in the fields of Space and Planetary Physics, Solar and Space Plasma Physics with important contributions to the theory, modeling and experimental techniques of the solar ...
  • Aspects of Today's Cosmology
    Aspects of Today's Cosmology
    Edited by Antonio Alfonso-Faus
    ISBN 978-953-307-626-3,
    Edited Volume
    408 pages, September, 2011
    This book presents some aspects of the cosmological scientific odyssey that started last century. The chapters vary with different particular works, giving a versatile picture. It is the result of the work of many scientists in the field of cosmology ...
  • Advances in Modern Cosmology
    Advances in Modern Cosmology
    Edited by Adnan Ghribi
    ISBN 978-953-307-423-8,
    Edited Volume
    208 pages, August, 2011
    The twentieth century elevated our understanding of the Universe from its early stages to what it is today and what is to become of it. Cosmology is the weapon that utilizes all the scientific tools that we have created to feel less lost in the immen ...