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1. Drought Tolerance and Stress Hormones: From Model Organisms to Forage Crops

By Aimar D., Calafat M., Andrade A.M., Carassay L., Abdala G.I. and Molas M.L.

Part of book: Plants and Environment

2. Boron Deficiency in Soils and Crops: A Review

By Waqar Ahmad, Munir H. Zia, Sukhdev S. Malhi, Abid Niaz and Saifullah

Part of book: Crop Plant

3. Nitrate Assimilation: The Role of In Vitro Nitrate Reductase Assay as Nutritional Predictor

By Fungyi Chow

Part of book: Applied Photosynthesis


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1. Progression of DNA Marker and the Next Generation of Crop Development

By Herry S. Utomo, Ida Wenefrida and Steve D. Linscombe

Part of book: Crop Plant

2. Economic Valuation as a Framework Incentive to Enforce Conservation

By Isabel Mendes

Part of book: Protected Area Management

3. Bioactive Beads-Mediated Transformation of Rice with Large DNA Fragments Containing Aegilops tauschii Genes, with Special Reference to Bead-Production Methodology

By Naruemon Khemkladngoen, Naoki Wada, Suguru Tsuchimoto, Joyce A. Cartagena, Shin-ichiro Kajiyama and Kiichi Fukui

Part of book: Transgenic Plants

4. Effect of Antisense Squalene Synthase Gene Expression on the Increase of Artemisinin Content in Artemisia anuua

By Hong Wang, Yugang Song, Haiyan Shen, Yan Liu, Zhenqiu Li, Huahong Wang, Jianlin Chen, Benye Liu and Hechun Ye

Part of book: Transgenic Plants

5. Stability of Transgenic Resistance Against Plant Viruses

By Nikon Vassilakos

Part of book: Transgenic Plants

6. Antihiperglycaemic Activity of Bauhinia megalandra

By Freddy González-Mujica

Part of book: Phytochemicals

7. Silicon the Non-Essential Beneficial Plant Nutrient to Enhanced Drought Tolerance in Wheat

By Mukhtar Ahmed, Muhammad Asif and Aakash Goyal

Part of book: Crop Plant

8. Comparative Analyses of Extracellular Matrix Proteome: An Under-Explored Area in Plant Research

By Kanika Narula, Eman Elagamey, Asis Datta, Niranjan Chakraborty and Subhra Chakraborty

Part of book: Crop Plant

9. Green Way of Biomedicine – How to Force Plants to Produce New Important Proteins

By Aneta Wiktorek-Smagur, Katarzyna Hnatuszko-Konka, Aneta Gerszberg, Tomasz Kowalczyk, Piotr Luchniak and Andrzej K. Kononowicz

Part of book: Transgenic Plants

10. Biosafety and Detection of Genetically Modified Organisms

By Juliano Lino Ferreira, Geraldo Magela de Almeida Cançado, Aluízio Borém, Wellington Silva Gomes and Tesfahun Alemu Setotaw

Part of book: Transgenic Plants